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Thought experiments or, in German, Gedankenexperimente, are experiments that, for whatever reason, cannot be physically carried out, but must instead be conducted internally, via logic and reasoning, in the mind. Famous thought experiments include Schrödinger's cat and Newton's cannonball. Thought experiments don't have to illustrate (or refute) principles in quantum mechanics and philosophy; a simple use of 'what if?' scenarios are equally valid exercises of the mind. To use our thought experiment generator, which provides a visual aid for thought experimenters everywhere, simply drag and drop the elements of your scenario into the workspace, tweak them with the tools below, and when you're done, click save image to export the image and save it to your own computer, then post it on your blog or website to open discussion. We would, of course, appreciate a link back to the thought experiment generator.

The thought experiment generator was inspired by The End of Mr Y, the latest novel from Scarlett Thomas. If you knew a book was cursed, would you read it? Part gothic mystery, part time-travelling love story, The End of Mr Y lies somewhere between Shadow of the Wind and Dr Who.