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  Divna - Bulgarian Vocal Formation , Bulgaria

Divna - Bulgarian Vocal Formation Divna Vocal Formation is established in March 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It consists of five soloists: Elka Simeonova - first soprano, Biserka Danova-Pilarska, Galya Haralambieva, Vanya Todorova Vakari - alt and Mariana Nikolova Pavlova - contralto.
All of them have professional qualification in the field of folklore singing and Bulgarian music folklore in some of the most prestigious Bulgarian secondary schools and academies.

  • SLIVEN - Folklore Song and Dance Ensemble (Bulgaria)
  • Pirin Folk Song and Dances State Ensemble (Bulgaria)
  • Vesselin FESCHIEV - weaver, (Bulgaria)
  • GERDAN - Folk Dance Group, Ohrid (Macedonia)
  • SIDER VOIVODA - Folklore Ensemble, Gorna Oriachovitza (Bulgaria)
  • Ludmil Dimitrov - accordion, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • RASKA - Folk Dance and Singing Group - (Serbia)
  • National Greek Dances Theatre Dora Stratou, Athens - (Greece)
  • Zornitsa Folk Ensemble, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • ARASINDA Turkish Folk Music Group (Hungary)
  • Mladost Folk Ensemble, Montana (Bulgaria)
  • Sevdah - Bosnian-Herzegovian CAA (USA)
  • Nashentsi - Folk Formation (Bulgaria)
  • Kolo - State Ensemble of Serbia (Serbia)
  • SKOPJE - Ensemble of folk dance and songs (Macedonia)
  • DOINA TIMISULUI Folklore Ensemble (Romania)
  • Hebar Folk Dance Ensemble (Bulgaria)
  • Dutch DIP (The Netherlands)
  • La Ronde Folklorique (France)
  • Asia-Minor Association `Unforgettable Countries` (Greece)
  • 04 - 14.07.2007
    4th International Seminar Traditional Dances "Banatfolk" Timisoara, Romania

  • 05 - 16.07.2007
    Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar Struga (Ohrid lake), Macedonia

  • 15 - 28.07.2007
    10th Seminare for Balkan folk dances, music and singing - Balkanfolk 2007 - Bankya, Bulgaria.

  • 16 - 25.07.2007
    Workshop on Greek Dances in Crete - Almyrida village, Chania, Crete

  • 18 - 22.07.2007
    Cosmopolis International Festival - Kavala - Greece

  • 22.07 - 29.07.2007
    Seminar GREEK Dances: KALYMNOS, IKARIA, THRAKI Island of Kalymnos, Greece

  • 27.07 - 04.08.2007
    Lark Camp - World Music & Dance Camp Mendocino, USA

  • 27.07 - 05.08.2007
    TusciaFolk TusciaFolk - International Folklore Festival in Italy.

  • 01.08 - 10.08.2007
    Macedonian Folk Dances Seminar with Sasko Atanasov Veles, Macedonia

  • 05.08 - 09.08.2007
    16th International Folk Festival Varna Varna, Bulgaria

    July 2007

    Listen to the songs and vote!

    The song which ranked in the first place for May 2007 was `V gradina moma sedeshe`, song from Pirin Region of Bulgaria performed by Ivan Dyakov. To see or print the notes for this song click below:

    Want to play or sing music of the Balkans - download the mp3s and the musical scores, the piano notes and the lyrics of folklore songs!

    120061 Sivi grivi Yordan Draganov Zornitsa Orchestra
    120041 Kaima Yordan Draganov Zornitsa Orchestra
    120021 Breznishko horo Yordan Draganov Zornitsa Orchestra
    120011 Gankino horo Yordan Draganov Zornitsa Orchestra
    120031 Chetvorno horo Yordan Draganov Zornitsa Orchestra

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      Practical Seminar For Balkan Folklore "Balkanfolk"
    Balkanfolk 2007 15 July 2007 - 28 July 2007, Bankya, Bulgaria

    Dance, Play, Sing, Have Fun!

    10th Jubilee Edition

    We offer you this unique opportunity through our Practical Seminar For Balkan Folklore Balkanfolk 2007 - the only one of its kind in Europe.
    Bulgarian folk dances with Emil Genov, Romanian folk dances with Marius Ursu and Serbian folk dances with Vladimir Mutavdjic. Traditional folk musical instruments gaida, kaval, dvoyanka, duduk, gadoulka, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka, taragot. Bulgarian folk singing and language.

    See the Balkanfolk 2006 photo album.
    See the Balkanfolk 2005 photo album.
    See the Balkanfolk 2005 Nanneke's photo album.

  • Folk dance ensemble “Zornitsa” won The Golden Carnation

  • “Folk Dance Competition - Golden Carnation, Yalova, Turkey On 07.07.2007, while in Bulgaria hundreds of couples were saying “I do” in front of the alter, hoping that the number 7 will bring them happiness in their marriage, under the bright sky of Yalova, Turkey, the dancers from ensemble “Zornitsa” were receiving loud applause from the audience gathered to watch the final competition of the 21 st International Folklore Festival “The Golden Carnation”.

    During the competition concert dancers from South Korea, Mexico, Columbia, Jordania, Sweden, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Romania and Bulgaria performed their best dances and were being judged by competent jury from elected members from the dancers of each group. After the end of our “Shopska suite”, and as well as during the whole stay of the group, everybody said with absolute certainty – ensemble “Zornitsa” are number 1 in the classification and the Bulgarian dancers are the best.

    Golden Carnation 2007, Folk Dance Competition

    English Folk dance ensemble “Zornitsa” won The Golden Carnation

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    Folklore Ensembles and Groups

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