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THF Tourney Update (3 Rounds To Go)
Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2004

El.Fire dropped me a message to let us know that The Heretic Fortress Tournament 2004 still has 3 of 7 rounds left. Here is the low-down on how the clans are doing so far:
  • 1st: HM ==> 8 pts, 4 rounds played: average +305
  • 2nd: SOL ==> 6 pts, 4 rounds played: average -100
  • 3rd: OoM ==> 5 pts, 3 rounds played: average -58
  • 4th: StOnEd ==> 5 pts, 3 rounds played: average -111
  • 5th: §§ ==> 3 pts, 3 rounds played: average -5
  • 6th: [pOe] ==> 3 pts, 3 rounds played: average -31
  • 7th : ]C[ ==> 0 pts, 4 rounds played : no word from them since the beginning of the tourney, counted as a forfit everytime.
El.Fire says most of the clans still have a chance to win and with 3 rounds left to go the end of THF Tourney will be passionant for sure!! Check out The Heretic Fortress for more info. By the way I had to take the brackets off of HM's clan name because the site thought it was an HTML tag. :p

Heretic II Siege v2.4 Beta Released
Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Shadowlord updated his site with a Heretic II Siege v2.4 Beta Release. Here is a list of what is new:
  • Object of mass 350 and greater can't be pushed onto catapults.
  • Chickens no longer can fly and gliding is very limited.
  • Chicken speed is a bit slower.
  • Chickens no longer can use torches or tripmines.
  • Succubus glide was reduced a bit.
  • Added trigger_pay.
  • Added trigger_reward.
  • Added a radius option to trigger_message.
  • Added talking effect to trigger_message and sound_ambient_custom (Talk bubbles appear above the speakers).
  • Added talking effect to ogle commands.
  • Fixed problem with trigger_gold not taking away gold.
  • Made an addition to func_monsterspawner so you can set the monster's targetname.
  • Included the corrected version of H2siege map.
The Shadowlord also says that he created a map called Ogle Village which demonstrates how to create talking villagers. Check that all out on Heretic II Siege and get the downloads off of the files section.

HeXen II Lives!
Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Just a few hours ago I reinstalled HeXen II and cracked open some of the unfinished single player maps I worked on ages ago. Thats why I started to poke around the internet today looking for some HeXen II stuff. So I jumped on Razumen's RavenHurst site to look at his screenshots. So that's when I notice that Razumen had updated around the time that Kenn Hoekstra left Raven Software back in late June. Well I certainly didn't know he updated his site and it was never announced here so I'm gonna do it now. I'm in a HeXen II mood! Here is a quote:
I'm still hard at work on Ravenhurst - spare time willing. The map count right now has shot up from 27 to around a crazy 46 so I've been busy getting the first couple of maps to an actual playable state with monsters and everything. So far it's been going pretty good, there's a indescribable feeling to seeing all the work you put into a map come together at the end. Right now I'm designing the maps to be hard to beat, but not impossible of course.
So this is good news! It's a couple months old but hey, thats the way it goes... just check out RavenHurst and if you really want to, you can bug him to finsih it! Also if you don't know this, RavenHurst is a single player add-on for Hexen II Portal of Praveus. Now I'll go and work on one of my HeXen II maps (Temple Of The Jaguar)....cya!

NewHexen 1.18 In Development Screenshots
Posted on Sunday, February 22, 2004

Jacques 'Korax' Krige sent us the news that work has started on NewHexen118. Korax sayeth:
I got some early shots for you, if youre interested.. Since Ive gotten rid of the low-rez resolutions in 117, I will be doing loads of work to rescale the whole game's statbars, menus and the likes. The images are captured at 1024x768 and you can see that everything is quite visible.
See what exactly you say? Check out this screenshot and also this screenshot to see what Jacques 'Korax' Krige is on about. Remember to keep your eyes peeled on the newhexen site for it might be updated soon... we can only hope. *prods Korax with a sharp stick*. Oh and get yourself on the newhexen forum and ask questions or pester Korax into getting 118 finished.

NewHexen v1.17 Released
Posted on Saturday, January 3, 2004

A new year brings a new NewHexen release! Jacques 'Korax' Krige has just made available NewHexen v1.17. Initially, we are to treat this release as a beta, since he still needs at least few people to test it on their computer. Jacques is interested to know how this new version performs under different combinations of Win2k, WinXP, DirectX8, and DirectX9, etc. as some computers may or may not have Visual Studio .NET installed. Anyway, here's what's new:
More Hi-Rez Modes!
Since Hexen2 has a limited set of "visible" video modes, all low-rez video modes have been removed to make way for more hi-rez available for selection.

Microsoft .NET enabled:
NewHexen is compiled using VC.NET

Progs Data:
The progs.dat loading code has been revised to only load files with the name nhprogs.dat which helps to clean the new portals code from the original Hexen2 progs code if it helps any. The second phase is to revisit the dat format to increase the amount of available registers.

PAK Naming Convention:
The fixed pak naming convention has been lifted which now allows for any pak file name other than the classic convention of pak0.pak, pak1.pak etc.
EG: korax.pak, phoebus.pak

The Changed stuff:
1. Redesigned the console (visuals).
2. Menu text fixed which was not displayed centered.
3. Detail textures removed, not very stable over some video cards.
Download NewHexen v1.17 and be sure to post in the NewHexen Forum and let Jacques know how this new release runs for you.

jHUI Pack For jHeretic Released
Posted on Sunday, December 28, 2003

Over at our sister site, hosted site member Slide from Slidespace has given Heretic and Doomsday Engine fans a great post-Christmas present.
The jHUI 2.0 Has Been Released!
The jHUI as you may or may not know is the jHeretic Interface pack and contains hi res graphic replacements for the interface of Heretic; while retaining the classic Heretic style. Unlike the old pack no resampled graphics are used, all images are 100% original works go check out the jHUI section for some more information and some screenies.
You can post your comments about the jHUI in the Heretic/Hexen section of the Doomsday Forums.

jHeretic Soundtrack II Released
Posted on Sunday, November 2, 2003

S-Priest sends word that his Soundtrack II for jHeretic has been released. You can download the file directly right here, and check the Cloud Fortress Labs for more info on S-Priest's projects.

Updated Doomsday Links
Posted on Monday, October 20, 2003

Several updates to the Doomsday Links page, from Fallen Man:
I added Sambo9000's Golem skin for jHeretic and a few patches from Besli. Oh, and updated Nephil's broken links. Also added: Nephil's various titlepics and logos for jHexen, and Besli's CREDIT pics, BOSSBACK pic (shown at the very end of Doom 2), and shellbox skin.
Fallen Man also says he'll actually fulfill his "oh-so-flowery promises" and put up all of the screenshots he has on the site. There's lots more Doomsday talk on the forums.

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