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Daft Punk

Parco della Pellerina
gioved├Č 12 luglio
h. 19.30 - 24.00

Thus called after having been slated by Darlin', the group in which Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo e Thomas Bangalter then played indie rock, the duo have achieved success by changing register and instruments, becoming in the Nineties the heads of the electronic sound school which has been defined, thanks to geography and attitude, French touch. Contagious grooves, born from techno and house, above all in their first album, the legendary Homework (1997), and prestigious videos directed by directors such as Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry. Until Daft Punk themselves moved into cinema: first of all with the cartoon Interstella 5555 (supervised by the Japanese manga maestro Leiji Matsumoto) and then with Electroma, which last year was presented at Cannes. These factors - music and image - together give rise to the futuristic show planned by the due, who present themselves onstage dressed as robots, as if they were the natural evolution of Kraftwerk.


daft punk