Monday, July 09, 2007

Andrew Lundwall: Speed Demon #1

We came back from the reading on Friday, some of us tipsy. We all pretty much crashed immediately. I woke Saturday morning semi-comatose. I expected Andrew, sleeping in Steve's living room, to be similarly non compos mentis. Instead, he was bright, chipper, and ready with a new poem to show me. Andrew Lundwall, a Speed Demon for all time. This is the poem that Andrew somehow found the fortitude to write after a wild night out, and while the rest of us slept.


chicago wind hair
spontaneously making noise
out there it's out there
plucked me from crazy wilderness
the sticks sniffling stoogey
o wild flower inebriated as a loon
what is it that spiritual graffitti
that follows you big lettered "poet"
through halls asteroid
upon halls asteroid hellishly
what in what gentle way
will i fuck her tonight
in her prime my twilit dancer
this place these prancing people
amongst them demonically cupie
my pulpit is shabby like dolls shaved balls
i'm ultimate lush reverend drunk
the killer the pubic hair
caught in your coffee
so irish feel my name kiss me
swim around you in august heat
and the one that asked of me
where's your girlfriend at
what's her answer
where's her tropic where are you
this alliance these vague conversations
about studliness and self-reliance
kerouac i wish i were free too
my lowell my crop my lover so pre-
occupied me i'm so so pre-cummy
and there's this everything hooking up
and you should be too harbinger
warped by your binge wrapped around
spooked in your haunted closet


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