Saturday, July 07, 2007

PFS Presents: How it Went

It was, as the Brits would say, effin' brill. Me, Steve, Andrew, and Monica wound up hanging out at Millennium Park for a while pre-reading. Then, we headed over to Andersonville to have a Turkish meal with Bill and Simone. Dinner conversation: Dylan, Wilco, Leonard Cohen, post-avant vs. Centrist, Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Lang-Po, Chicago, Philly, horror movies, lots of other stuff. Steve went to pick up some booze for the reading, and we had a nice walk over to Kate the Great's. Simone confessed admiration for Joni Mitchell's Blue. We also talked obscure Beach Boys and craft fetishism v concept fetishism. Good crowd at the reading, including Kristy Odelius, Larry Sawyer, Lina Sawyer, Joshua Wilkinson, Melissa Severin, Bill Allegrezza, twenty or so others, including Kate the Great herself. Andrew read sitting down: total high intensity. Steve started with a Samuel Beckett poem, then read from, among things, Cessation Covers, his forthcoming Funtime Press chap. Steve got lots of laughs and everybody went for his stuff. I read from Opera Bufa, which I've just found out is going to be my first book. More about that in a later post. I also did a bunch of things from Posit and Funtime. Simone was quite ravishing, and one of the best readers I've ever heard: she has a very honeyed voice, immaculate delivery, and you know you're hearing the real thing, no joke. I am very proud to have brought these poets together. There will be more PFS Presents, in Chicago and elsewhere. Oh, we even got a little write up in Time Out Chicago.

After the reading, we all went out for drinks and had a more-or-less wild time. I feel totally in love with Chicago. What can I say? This is an uber city. I will return and return and return. So, that's the story. Thanks, everybody.


Mary said...

Philly wishes she could've been there...sounds like it was HOT...

9:19 PM  

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