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Editor's intro:- Although not as popular as 2.5" SSDs the 3.5" form factor is a strategic market which reveals a lot about the different types of application for SSDs with both RAM and flash based SSDs co-existing even with the same interfaces. Some of these 3.5" products are "no compromise" solid state disks which offer the fastest performance and maximum capacities available in traditional hard disk form factors.

As with all the tables on STORAGEsearch.com the data in this reference article is updated in real-time to reflect changes in the market.

For other form factors see the listings in the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
SATA flash SSDs with 150M bytes / sec burst read and 80M bytes / sec sustained write time from MTRON - sorry photo  coming soon
3.5" (128G) & 2.5" (32G) SATA SSDs
80MB/s sustained write
from Mtron
3.5 inch SSD OEMs Directory July 10, 2007 - © STORAGEsearch.com
manufacturer interface(s) / more info max capacity (GB) * sustainable read
sustainable write
Adtron IDE / SATA / SCSI-2 / UltraSCSI 128 65 55
Altec ComputerSysteme IDE 8 N/A N/A
BiTMICRO Networks Fibre Channel / IDE / SCSI narrow / UltraSCSI 68 68 155
Curtis Fibre Channel 18 197 197
Hagiwara Sys-Com IDE / SATA / SCSI narrow 8 25 15
Mtron PATA / SATA 128 100 80
Myung IDE / SCSI 16 10 8
PQI IDE 256 60 N/A
SanDisk UltraSCSI 352 40 40
STEC Fibre Channel / IDE 256 200 100
Super Talent Technology SATA 128 N/A N/A

* - not all manufacturers quote capacity to the same height limits. Check original datasheets for detailed comparisons.

N/A - info not available on vendor's web site when this table was first published.

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