Priority Investment Needs for the Development for
the Asian Highway Network


The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Asian Highway Network entered into force on 4 July 2005. As of January 2007, 28 member States are signatories and of those twenty are Parties to the Agreement.

The Asian Highway network comprises more than 141,000 kilometers of roads, passing through 32 member States. Currently 16 per cent of the network is below the agreed minimum standards. Upgrading and improving the network to the requirements of Asian Highway Classification and design standards is one of the main obligations of the Contracting Parties within the Agreement.

The secretariat completed the implementation of a project to identify investment needs and development priorities for the Asian Highway network. The status of the network was reviewed and priority investment requirements identified at three subregional expert group meetings held in Islamabad for South-Asia, Tehran for North, Central and South-West Asia, and Bangkok for South-East Asia. These meetings facilitated dialogue among the member countries and international financing institutions to discuss the investment and priorities.

Report of the Subregional Expert Group Meeting, 21-23 September 2004, Islamabad.

Report of the Subregional Expert Group Meeting, 25-27 January 2005, Tehran.

Report of the Subregional Expert Group Meeting, 25-26 April 2005, Bangkok.

Priority investment projects along the Asian Highway

A consolidated list of 121 priority projects in 25 member States identified at three subregional expert group meetings indicates that about US$ 25 billion is currently being invested or committed for the development of various sections of Asian Highway routes in member States and the meetings also identified a shortfall of US$ 18 billion in the funds required to upgrade and improve about 26,000 km of the Asian Highway. Member States are seeking support and assistance from bilateral donors or international financing institutions to undertake these priority projects along the Asian Highway. The project profiles of selected priority projects are available from the link below.

Click here for consolidated list of priority projects

Note: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore are developing and upgrading the Asian Highway routes in their countries from national budgets. China and Kazakhstan has also indicated that they would mobilize national resources to undertake the priority projects. Information on investment requirement is not available for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Turkmenistan.

Project profiles of the selected priority projects along the Asian Highway

In order to disseminate further information of the identified priority projects and promote investment for these projects among potential financiers, member States have prepared brief project profiles of the priority projects. Interested bilateral donors, international financing institutions and private investors could obtain further information on the priority project from contact address provided in the project profile.

Each project profile includes the following: project name; location; brief outline of project; rationale and objectives; scope of works; expected impacts and benefits; estimated cost; project duration; proposed financing arrangements; implementation arrangements; current status; critical success factors; other project related information; and contact details.

Click on the name of country to view profiles of the priority road projects. (To be updated.)

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