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Who will forget the sad pictures of the Princess Diana car crash and how so many questions remain unanswered?

In an historic building, in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral, an astonishing TV seance took place to contact the spirit of Princess Diana.

A few days before this seance mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker flew to Paris and retraced the fatal route taken by Diana and her lover Dodi.

They attempted to tune in to Diana's spirit on the journey from the Ritz to the Pont de L'Alma, where the fateful car crash resulted in the death of Princess Diana, Dodi and the driver Henri Paul.

Perhaps fittingly Pont de L'Alma means Bridge of the Soul.

The mediums investigated the car crash site as well as other significant venues in both Paris and London. Their fascinating paranormal investigation concluded with a live TV seance with friends and confidants of the Princess of Wales.

The PrincessPrincess Diana  car crash - unanswered questions. Speaks

Was there a conspiracy to kill Diana ? Was she pregnant at the time of the car crash? Did she still love Prince Charles? Would she have married Dodi ? What really happened at the crash site ?

And what would Diana have to say about Charles wedding Camilla?

Will we ever know the answers ?

What if Diana's spirit could speak to us through a medium - what would she say?

Find out what the Princess of Wales said at the most incredible, accurate and challenging seance of all time.

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Spirit of Princess Diana
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Princess Diana RememberedHosted by Patrick Macnee THE SPIRIT OF PRINCESS DIANA takes a close look at the spiritual aspects of Princess Diana's life. The programme features Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker renowned British psychic-mediums. Simone Simmons Psychic healer and one of Princess Diana’s closest friends and confidantes.

The Spirit of Princess Diana also includes Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo Healer and acupuncturist to the Princess, Penny Thornton personal astrologist to Princess Diana for 6 years and Patricia Bankins TCT, RM American Trance-Channel.

There is an exclusive interview with Andrew Morton described by the London Times as “the leading Royal writer. Author of “Diana: Her True Story” and Mohammed Al Fayed Egyptian entrepreneur, Owner of Harrods and Father of Dodi Al Fayed.

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* The DVD also includes interviews with Simone Simmons author of Diana: The Last Word - the controversial book that claims Princess Di Had Affairs with John F. Kennedy Jr. ( JFK Jr. ) and George W. Bush. Simone Simmons purports to be in possession of the infamous Princess Diana Diary in which Diana rated her lovers.

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'Queen of Hearts'

In the programme Craig and Jane provide unique evidence that Princess Diana is speaking to us and that it is not imagination. The television event was the largest gathering of Diana's innermost close circle of friends, since her untimely death.

Craig had previously given a number of psychic readings to people who knew Diana personally. During these mediumistic consultations, Diana gave proof of her survival of death.

The Sunday Mirror commissioned Craig to make predictions regarding the Royal Family. He told reporter Karen Rocket '"I see that events will be radically altered because Prince Charles will be involved in a terrible car crash."

He was wrong, but a car crash did change the course of Royal history.

The Princess was the very essence of compassion, duty, style, and beauty. All over the world, she was a symbol of selfless humanity.

She was a standard-bearer for the rights of the downtrodden - a very British girl who transcended nationality. Diana was someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.

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"My inner strength has never let me down, and my guides have taken such good care of me up there."
Princess Diana speaking on the Paul Burrell Tapes. for his book A Royal Duty

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