Craig Hamilton-Parker has worked with PR agencies to promote their products by tying them in with themes associated with psychic powers. In the past, Craig owned a design agency and still occasionally produces marketing material for some of his clients.

More recently, he has been commissioned by blue chip organisations and agencies to help with campaigns that include 'New Age', psychic or dream themes. Publicity has been achieved on most of the chat shows in the UK, in the newspapers, and on the radio including, in the USA, 'Good Morning America' and Fox TV News. Craig is also available for research and consultancy and can source interesting people and stories for programmes.
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"Your work helped SCI Fi achieve great ratings success. We came in 4th out of all channels beating E4, UK Gold and anyone else you can think of." - President of the Sci-Fi Channel (UK)

For the film industry Craig has helped to get press and media coverage for the films below.

For video release of 'The Sixth Sense' Craig toured the country giving media talks about how to develop the sixth sense. The Sixth Sense had already had a great deal of exposure in the past but talking about 'the sixth sense' in general provided a new and interesting way of raising public awareness of the DVD release. He also produced interactive 'psychic test' material for the official website and briefed journalists about psychic powers.

For the DVD release of Sleeping Beauty Craig produced articles about dream interpretation targeted at teenage magazines such as 'Sugar'. Craig has written a number of books about dreams - a subject that editors are always keen to include in features.

'House on Haunted Hill' saw him ghost busting the spooks in a stately home while accompanied by a tabloid reporter and the caretaker. Craig was able to reveal information about ghostly sightings and strange occurrences that were only known to the caretakers and never published in a public forum. The story was published in the Daily Star.
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For the release of the movie 'Darkness Falls' Craig spent the night in a haunted house with a journalist from the Sun Newspaper. A seance was conducted to contact the ghosts and spirits in the house which the owner believed included the spirit of the hanged murderer Ruth Ellis.
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The Gift is about a card-reading psychic woman (Cate Blanchett) in a small redneck town gets caught up in the middle of a murder mystery case in which her psychic readings reveal much about the details of said killing. To promote the film we posed the question 'Do you have the Gift?' and spoke about our inherent psychic gifts and of course mentioning the the movie. Radio and TV exposure.
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The Others with Nicole Kidman. A servant has just started work in their house and has to be taught all about the housewife's tendencies. All doors must be locked. All curtains to be drawn. This is for the benefit of her children who must be kept away from daylight. In the darkness the family are plagued by unseen forces. Craig helped to design a campaign around these themes and spoke in the press, media and on TV about whether ordinary people and children in particular have psychic gifts.

For the horror movie Jeepers Creepers Craig research stories and spooky locations for press release and resulting newspaper articles. He did an Interview with 'Metro' magazine and promoted the DVD with a competition on the chat and community section of his website. The chat room areas of the website attract a lot of visitors and are a good place to offer your products as prizes.

OVERVIEW: Other projects have included briefing the press about paranormal phenomena, visiting haunted houses with a film crew or giving clairvoyance over the radio. The media take up of these campaigns have been very encouraging.

Craig has also been commissioned by corporate organisations as an attraction for product launches and subsequent PR campaigns. Commissions have included:

For the UK High Street group of stores SUPERDRUG Craig works with the annual product launch for new cosmetics for KOLOR COSMETICS He demonstrates by means of clairvoyance how the colours we wear and use for make-up relate to the moods reflected in the colours of the aura. This campaign attracted a lot of press interest and has now become an annual event. A big hit with the visiting journalists, Craig been booked for the last four years to give psychic aura readings at Superdrug's product launches.
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For the High Street Fashion chain Top Shop Craig helped to host a fashion show in Oxford Street London. He gave members of the public aura readings and based upon the colours he saw suggested suitable colours to wear that match the models spiritual nature. The event was held on stage with tie in with Top Shops radio network and press advertising.

For the Government training incentive 'Learn Direct' Craig participated in a national campaign of radio, TV and press interviews to encourage people to take up training opportunities. He wrote the press releases and was one of the main spokesman for this successful project. The theme of the PR campaign centred around the meaning of dreams with particular reference to dreams relating to career and work. Craig has written a number of best selling books about dreams.

For B&Q Craig wrote a series of spiritual quotations about Gardens and in particular Window Boxes as part of B&Q's advertising material. The agency wanted to add weight to their contention that if more people had a garden/window box, there would be numerous personal and collective benefits.

For the Tesco's magazine Craig wrote about Pet Palmistry to encourage sales of their pet food range. The Pet Palmistry theme was also taken up by DIRECT LINE INSURANCE as part of a campaign and also for the computer game launch of ROVER.


For the Sci-fi Channel Craig hosted 15 radio programmes to talk about his psychic powers and the new psychic detective programme called 'Dead Zone'. The president wrote: "Your work helped SCI Fi achieve great ratings success. We came in 4th out of all channels beating E4, UK Gold and anyone else you can think of."

Craig keeps list of psychics, astrologers and people with unusual stories to tell. We have an extensive database of stories and can advertise your programme on our websites and chat rooms for the information or contacts you need.

For the National Geographic Channel Craig helped to source psychic pets for a programme being made with Rupert Shelldrake. He was able to provide stories from the thousands that have come in to his websites, place advertisements on the site Message Boards and contacted police dog handlers and zookeepers in the UK.

Craig has written articles and features for most of the UK Newspapers and magazines. His psychic columns and articles have also been commissioned by newspapers from around the world including South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Latvia, Belgium, and France.
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