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ok well, i just found out that my best friend's parents are getting a divorce. Both her and her brother are going to a private school for high school so its too expensive for them to move now. But once her brother graduates which will be in two years then she'll be moving. Her dad wants custody of the kids (3 of them). Both of her parents want to move to NJ after the divorce, but they arent positive yet i guess. I just don't know what to do because i'm going to miss her so much and she is basically the person i go to for everything. And i feel horrible for her and i just feel like i'm not doing the best i can. Help?

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1. on 12 jul 2006 modality said:
The best thing you can do is talk to your friend and support her in her time of need. She is probably not in a good place right now, and you should try your best to be strong for her. You probably have some things you need to say, but what she needs a sympathetic ear right now, and that's you. Listen to what she has to say, and stay positive. Though you may miss her (and you can let her know that) you have to realize that things change: people fall out of love, move away. It's going to happen all of your throughout your life, and it hurts, but you'll make it through just fine, and so will your friend. Do your best to keep in touch while she's away and you may be able to keep her as a friend. But don't take it out on her or yourself if you grow apart. It may hurt, but the pain will go in time, and you'll be able to look back on the memories you shared with joy.

2. on 12 jul 2006 tragicimprfction1221 said:
ya your going to miss her but there are ways to still talk to her!!! what she needs right now a someone that she feels she can lean on for saport! she needs someone to confort her! and a really good thing to do is to have days where you two just go out and have fun and try to keep her mind off of her parents!!!

3. on 14 jul 2006 moll67 said:
Keep in touch with her. IM me on moll67 if u need more help. Then i can ask u questions too.

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