Erik Josefsson's actions page.

Below I have put together a selection of more or less well documented software patents related items in which I have been involved during the last years. In some things listed (like "EP lobbying, voting list") I have been a part of a collective action, while other (like "speech") I did on my own. As you can see if you follow older links, they go to SSLUG and not to FFII because I was an active member of SSLUG before I joined FFII. Newer ones relate to other policy fields than pure software patents, like e.g. data retention. Fore those who wonder about the "h" in my username ehj, it comes from my middle name Hjalmar. A slightly exaggerated interpretation of its meaning would be "victorious leader", but since I don't think the Vikings had Internet, I'd rather say I am a network effect. As of today I am the president of FFII Sweden.







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