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Mars Express:
The main goal of Mars Express is to search for subsurface water from Mars orbit and drop a lander on the surface. Seven scientific instruments onboard the orbiting spacecraft will use remote sensing experiments to shed new light on the Martian atmosphere, the planet's structure and geology.

Contact with the lander, called Beagle 2, was lost on the day it entered the Martian atmosphere and has not been restored.

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Key Dates Headlines
Launch (17:45 UT)
11.22.03 - 12.24.03: 
Mars Orbit Insertion
Beagle 2 Lander Release
Orbiting Mars
Fast Facts Links
Mars Express Facts Mars Express is carrying a sample of Ferrari red paint (right) to the Red Planet.

Mars Express is the European Space Agency's first visit to another planet.

Mars Express used 427 kg (941 pounds) of fuel to put it in orbit the Red Planet.
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