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Projects - Classical Values

Just launched the redesign of Classical Values, complete with logo update.

Projects - The Shoe Goddess

Proving we're more than just weblogs... Created a new logo for the Shoe Goddess Boutique, a soon-to-open retail store carrying high-end women's fashion shoes. The boutique will open September 1, 2004, in Redding, California. Website soon to follow.

Projects -

Launched the new logo and site design for, now featuring a Movable Type weblog, as well.

More and more journalists are realizing how important blogs can be, both in the reknowned "fact checking your a$$" and in face to face communication with their audience, rather like stand up comedians playing small venues, instant gratification.

Hm. You can take that analogy any way you like.

Toys - Historic Fonts

Walden Font Co - Purveyors of Fine Historic Fonts

Sure, there are cheap imitations to be found, but when you have that client who just has to have the creepiest possible font:

Here we have a gnarled and twisted hand that was used on an actual spell, which which was found tucked under the beams of a 16th century house in southern Germany. The incantation was wrapped around a fossil belemnite (also known as a “thunderbolt”) Evidently this protected the house from getting hit by lightning. There are brown stains on the ancient parchment, which could be blood.

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