The sordid Bring Me The Horizon saga continues
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Oliver Sykes, accused of not being able to hold it straight
Halo-17 has been avidly following the case of Oliver Sykes, the frontman of something-core band Bring Me The Horizon, who has been accused of such things as urinating on female fans, releasing shitty music, throwing glass bottles at female fans' heads, and having a really crappy haircut. Unfortunately, only two of the above are actually crimes that can result in a conviction and a lengthy prison sentence, but that didn't stop Sykes from appearing in Nottingham Magistrates court today, accused of "splashing a female fan whilst urinating".

Unsurprisingly, Sykes pleaded not guilty to the charge. The case was adjourned again until September 17, which should mean that the band won't have any trouble playing the Download Festival in Donnington Park. Sykes has vigorously protested his innocence on both the bottle-throwing and urine-splashing charges since the first allegations were made.

Discussion Topic: Is this just a storm in a core-cup, or is this an indicator of the way things are going to go when younger and younger musicians are subjected to the enormous pressure of recording and touring in an environment where you'll be overtaken if you stop to catch your breath. Is this a bottlegate sort of incident that will change the way things are done, or will the whole incident sink without a trace?

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- Lauren Harding-Healy

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Posted by Lauren on May 4, 2007

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