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DiscussionPage - General
Ask for solutions - reader submitted questions and answers
Obtaining DAAPD
Main DAAPD site
Darwin port
Package for Debian Linux - Debian dropped it!
Fink port
FreeBSD port
pkgsrc port
Package for Gentoo Linux
How-to Guides
DAAPD debugging
DAAPD 0.2.4a fix for iTunes 4.5+ including iTunes 6
DAAPD 0.2.3 installation on Mac OS 10.3
DAAPD 0.2.4 installation on Mac OS 10.4
DAAPD autostart using launchd in Mac OS 10.4
DAAPD on Linux
Installing DAAPD in Fedora Linux
WinDaapd for Windows
Bugs and Workarounds
Using iTunes client - iTunes bugs
Rendezvous Proxy -Bugs with RendezvousProxy, Network Beacon, etc.
DAAPD technicals
ContentCodes - DAAPD content codes
ContentTypes - DAAPD content types
DAAPD debugging
DAAP on Sourceforge
DAAP protocol information by Sandy Macarthur
DAAP protocol information by Todd Larsen
DAAP protocol information at Tapjam
ParameterList - session-id, revision, etc.
ServerClientCommunication - examples
DAAPD clients
Get It Together Java; server too
iTunes (old versions)
One2OhMyGod Java
Perl DAAP client library
AppleRecords Java
DAAPD-like programs
Get It Together Java; client too
MusicPublisher DAAP/Bonjour implementation for your iPod or a selected folder
This Wiki
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