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Joss Whedon in the press room at the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards



Executive Producer Greg Daniels also reveals the vampire bat episode wasn't tailor made for Whedon

Published 7/16/2007

LOCATION: The Office

THE SKINNY: iF MAGAZINE got a few moments with THE OFFICE executive producer Greg Daniels who gave us this nice little exclusive –  BUFFY creator Joss Whedon will be back to direct another episode for Season Four.

“Joss is going to come back,” reveals Daniels, noting they have some offers out to other people of Whedon and J.J. Abrams caliber they’re targeting for the new season of the NBC Thursday night comedy.

While many thought the "Business School" episode Joss directed last season was tailor made for him since it dealt with vampire bats, Daniels reveals it was very random.

“The problem is you have to lock [the directors] in before you know what the scripts are,” admits Daniels. “The scripts follow their own logic. It’s pretty random. It was seriously a coincidence that his episode had vampires in it. It was a weird piece of Kismet. No one would believe, it but it was and Joss was like ‘I can’t believe this.’”

As far as how Whedon became involved from the show, it had to do with “location.”

“Joss happened to have an office down the hall from our office during our pre-production and we hung out with him and had lunch with him for a little bit,” adds Daniels.

Having different types of directors tackle the documentary-style of the show has been fun for Daniels and his cast and crew – and he also feels they bring their own style to the proceedings as well.

“Directing has a lot of aspects other than the visuals, so it was cool to see them work with the actors and get to hear these directors’ takes on it,” says Daniels. “They did  add some of the visual stuff. Joss had a great experience with visual effects and was very aware of what to do with the bat. And J.J,. had the crowd scenes that I felt I had recognized from his years on FELICITY where he moved the camera in tandem through the crowds with the actors.”



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