What's behind the sticker and t-shirt? Is it just a tag, or is there deeper meaning?

Answer: OAKLANDISH is a stealth multi-form public art & media campaign designed to illuminate the unique culture and history existing here in The Town. Since our first projects in 2K the now ubiquitous roots image has come to represent the strange luster and oddball spirit that is East Bay life.

A project of the Nonchalance Culture_Labs, the Oaklandish crusade has taken the form of: outdoor digital slide-shows of 130 local legends, a wheate-paste poster series of folk-heroes placed in 'negative urban spaces', the Liberation Drive-In free pirate movie theater, the Oakslander 'zine, this tight website, a popular line of merchandise, as well as the recently *closed* Oaklandish Gallery & Lounge.

What's next for the Oaklandish syndicate? Were always moving forward, because original Oakland charm is simply irrepressible. Check out the events page for our spectacular season of events & parties. Become our friend on myspace, or tribe.net and start digging all the hidden history buried here within...

 VIDEO TRAILER : a snippit of the "local love montage"
 SNAP SHOTS : from recent events like the radio-regatta, salsa party, and drive-in
 OUR PROJECTS : from day one to the present, and beyond
 PRESS COVERAGE : what are they saying about us?
 FOLK TALES : characters, stories, and hidden history from the unsung city
 SCRAPBOOK : local signage, snapshots, and images of the oakydoke
 THE GALLERY : a memorial to all the fine exhibts and shows
 BRANCHES : links, logs, and further connections
 JUST ADDED : from the original zine - oakslander lakeside gazette
            - secret stairways of the east bay (pdf)
            - subterrainian waterways of the east bay (pdf)
            - dan fontes, man about town (goblinko interview, pdf)
            - the mai-tai: invented in oakland (trader vic tells his tale)
            - the "just say no" movement born in oakland

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