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Horacio Salgán

Born 1916

Version - 13 November 1996.
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Horacio Salgán is a pianist and a composer who incorporated so-called modern influences into his music. At first, in the middle of the 1940s, his style of music was received coldly but gradually he became the testimony that the music of Argentine tango could be renewed and still be in continuation with the tradition. His Quinteto Real became very popular in the 1960s.

Some of his work from the 1950s using carefully studied dissonance which he complemented with instructions to the singers of his formation not to be necessarily in synchronism with the sound of the orchestra really sounds avant-garde . In the same way Thelonious Monk contributed to the sound of jazz . Excuse me for this extraneous comparison... but it seem appropriate to me !

. The following are two articles that were originally published in Clarín digital, a daily information-provider from Buenos Aires. We are grateful to Clarín digital for allowing Tango.Montreal to give a second life to these articles.

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