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My video page is now completely redone and better than ever. And, I'm working on some brand new content, writing and photos to put up for ya'll to enjoy. Stay tuned!

New Pics Up! As of 28 May 2007! Do Enjoy!

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A New Video Posted Up on July 2nd!


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This is a website devoted to my project: Faith DaBrooke. Genderflux. This is a new art project for the 21st Century; where we ask the question "what does gender mean?" Is gender as rigid as stone or can it be melted and formed, reformed and reshaped? Take a look and realize that life is vastly more complicated than you realized; that what you see is not what it appears to be, and that your eyes, your mind, and even your universe love to play tricks on you.

This is not a homepage, these are not my pictures, these are not my thoughts. Instead this site is an exploration of the way we can reimagine ourselves; a mind's journey. Faith DaBrooke is not a real person, she has no existance other than that which media creates for her. She is a concept, an illusion, an idea, an experience you can share through perception and thought.

Whereas earlier artist sought to create by sculpting stone or putting oil on canvas; this is a 21st century work of art; one composed by the merger of pixels and mind. Through the manipulation of consciousness we create emotion; look, think, feel and experience. Question your perception, question your world and question yourself. Travel and enjoy.