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Parents Television Council Presents:

Worst TV Show of the Week 

WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS

By Aubree Bowling

The C.S.I. franchise has explored almost every facet of human sexuality, but has a tendency to focus on the most deviant and debauched in episodes that are calculated to shock, titillate and push the envelope of television decency. Past episodes have explored incest, fur fetishes, wife-swapping parties, a teenaged boy sleeping with his stepmother, a teenaged girl in love with her father, a transsexual operation, and other topics that leave nothing to the imagination and destroy innocence of young viewers who watch. The latest taboo-busting episode broke even more barriers of morality and decency when "King Baby" aired on Thursday, February 17.

This gruesome and disturbing episode centered on an investigation into the death of a powerful casino owner in Las Vegas. As the crime scene team dug deeper into his personal life to find clues, they discovered that the dead man, Bruce Eiger, was an infantilist, deriving sexual pleasure by pretending to be a baby. This bizarre and twisted fetish involved Eiger wearing and using diapers, drinking breast milk out of bottles, dressing as a baby, and sleeping in a giant crib in a nursery outfitted for a grown man.

Instead of having the investigators merely discuss or describe this disturbing sexual predilection, the viewer was practically given a how-to on infantilism as investigators talked about stores that cater to this fetish, and showed some of the accoutrements its practitioners use to act out their fantasies. Investigators were shown finding huge cloth diapers stained with urine and feces; bottles used to give the man enemas; a refrigerator filled with bottles of milk. His creepy nursery was explored in detail, complete with pacifiers, baby toys and furniture, and a nursing dress worn by his "mommy" with openings for each breast so that the grown Bruce could nurse.

In one scene, two of the investigators, Nick and Gil go to a specialty store where supplies for adult baby fetishists are sold. At first the perky saleswoman mistakes them for practitioners buying diapers for themselves and refers to Gil as Nick's "daddy." Then later she asks Gil if he is a "drinker or stinker" referring to someone who either likes to nurse at a woman's breast or soil diapers for kicks.

The final gross-out in the episode comes in the final moments when, Tonya, the young woman who acted as Bruce's "mommy" in his fantasy games has a flashback outlining the end of Bruce's life. She is shown changing his diaper, powdering his behind and giving him an enema that contained LSD. The drug causes Bruce to hallucinate and act crazy, smearing his dirty diapers on the floor. Tonya convinces a hallucinating Bruce that he can fly, encouraging him to jump off his balcony and fall to his death.

The scenes of the adult in the large diapers acting like an infant and being diapered by a young woman are creepy and disturbing to watch. A child who happened to see the "King Baby" episode of C.S.I. would have been violated and confused by this glimpse into a very rare and extremely twisted fetish. According to Nielsen data, nearly two million children under the age of 18 were watching this sick and disturbing episode.

Worst TV Show of the Week

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