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Director of Research, Voodoo Sciences


Tom Jacobs is a Director of Research at Sun Labs, managing the Voodoo Sciences research department. His research interests include all things related to media including: digital rights management (DRM) systems, image processing and TV services. Most recently, Tom's team created Project DReaM which has become a Sun contribution to the Open Media Commons initiative.

Tom joined Sun in 1987 and was part of the original foundation of Sun Labs in 1991. Prior to joining Sun, Tom spent several years at Xerox developing networked mail and printing applications for the Star and ViewPoint systems. Before Xerox, Tom worked a C-TEL which pioneered the first generation of pont-of-sale credit-card tranaction processing services. In January 2006, he celebrated his 19 year anniversary with Sun.

During his tenure with Sun, he has managed engineering programs in the areas of graphics, operating systems, networking, multimedia and compression technologies. More recently, Jacobs directed the Digital Media Services product engineering organization before returning to Sun Labs.

Additionally, Tom has served as the board President of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (2000-2003) which promotes the adoption of standards for streaming rich-media content over the Internet.

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  • Play to air control workstation system in a distributed object television broadcast studio
    (Mar 26, 2002)


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