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New Army Head of Chaplains Thinks He's "Chosen By God", Predicts Apocalyptic Religious War

Posted by Bruce Wilson at 11:00 AM on August 9, 2007.

Bruce Wilson: "Divine" rapid career promotion puts prophetic chaplain in charge.
U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains Major General David Hicks (left) and Major General Mario Montero, Ret. (right), pin on Chaplain Douglas Carver’s new shoulder boards displaying the one star ranking of brigadier general during his promotion ceremony at the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School in Fort Jackson, S.C. by Jim Veneman.

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Douglas L. Carver seems to believe he's been he's been chosen by God to lead in an Apocalyptic end-time war between good and evil that will last decades and began, as foreshadowed in prophecy, with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Meet the US Army's new (apocalyptic) Head of Chaplains.

Douglas L. Carver, on a mission from God?

As president George W. Bush said via satellite, on June 13, 2007 to Southern Baptist Convention members gathered for the Southern Baptist Convention's 2007 annual meeting  in San Antonio, Texas, "Just like our troops, you have the gratitude of the Commander-in-Chief as we do the hard work necessary to defend our country, and at the same time, lay the foundation of peace.".

The SBC's new Army Head Of Chaplains, Douglas L. Carver, no doubt believes he is laying the foundation of peace too, but Carver may feel that foundation will be laid via the Apocalypse and Armageddon.

On July 13, 2006 Carver told a Gadsden Alabama SBC church congregation "I'm not an end-times preacher, but I think something is up", cited the apocalyptic scripture of Daniel 12:1-3, then told the congregation, as reported by Alabama Baptist, " "This is our time, our destiny," just as Esther was placed in a certain position at a specific moment "for such a time as this"". Some of Carver's statements can be seen as suggesting the US invasion and occupation of Iraq amounts to the playing out of Biblical prophesy. Meet your new (apocalyptic) Army Head Of Chaplains.

As reporter Leigh Pritchard, described Carver's Gadsden speech, the Army's new Head Of Chaplains appears to feel American is riding a fast track of burgeoning immorality morality, straight to hell:

"In his message that day, Brig. Gen. Douglas Carver, U.S. Army 22nd deputy chief of chaplains, enumerated some of the many distressing circumstances around us -- the war in Iraq, the start of hurricane season, the constant attempt to chip away at the moral fiber of the nation."

That Gadsden July 13 2006 Jeremiad wan't Douglas L. Carver's only public utterance mentioning the alleged immanence of the end-times. He's whacked the drum of  coming apocalypse more than once.

Recounted November 9, 2006 in the Sierra Vista, Arizona Sierra Vista Herald, Chaplain Carver spoke at a November 2006 Fort Huachuca Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast before a crowd of over 400 and, as Sierra Vista Heraldreporter Bill Hess described:

"As a minister, Carver, an ordained Southern Baptist preacher, talked about the main problems facing America in Iraq.

There is a biblical aura when it comes to the Iraqi situation, something written about in the Book of Daniel, the chaplain said.

It was to what is now Iraq that the Israelites were taken.

Babylon, a place that exists today in Iraq, was mentioned in the Bible, and its leader, Nebuchadnezzar, ruled with an iron fist. Carver said it is strange Saddam Hussein believes he is the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar."

Douglas L. Carver likes to tap the prophetic drum too, sometimes, with a lighter, defter stroke. As chaplain to the 101st Airborne, Carver seems to have had a special zest for coming up with specialized military prayers for the paratroopers of the 101st, such as the following (note the end-times reference - " We are approaching the time that We Stand at the Door"):

Paratrooper Prayers            

101st Airborne Division, #3, Chaplain Douglas Carver

O Lord our God, thou who art powerful, thou who strengthens the righteous  person with courage and faith, who blesses the humble and lowly, I confess  O Lord my fears and my sins before thee. O Lord, be merciful and loving to  me thy servant. Be with me, my God, and give me wings like eagles so I can  run and not be weary, walk and not faint. We are approaching the time that we Stand at the Door. Give me the wisdom to know and the courage to  believe that thou art always with me and so I have no fear. I ask these  things in all humility in your holy name.  Amen.

Source:  LTC Douglas Carver

On on June 12, 2006, just prior to the SBC 2007 annual convention in San Antonio,  Chaplain Carver emphasized the special, divinely ordained role of Southern Baptists, in an address to over 100 SBC  chaplains enjoying a luncheon at the Sheraton Four Seasons in Greensboro, North Carolina. Bobby Welch, SBC President in 2006 and author of "You, the Warrior Leader: Applying Military Strategy For Victorious Spiritual Warfare" was at the Greensboro Sheraton luncheon prophetic luncheon, along with Carver, and this picture, from a piece by Mickey Noah entitled "U.S. Army official encourages SBC chaplains at luncheon" shows Carver and Welch chatting with Peter Sharber, Director Of Evangelism at the North American Mission Board.

Addressing the luncheoning Southern Baptists, Douglas Carver said: "Times are dangerous and difficult. But God has raised you up for a time such as this", and went to wield the rhetoric of absolutist apocalyptic religious war :

"I believe that this long war we're in - against violent religious extremism - is a war contending for the future of humanity as you and I know it. We're living in challenging and distressing times.

But as chaplains, this is my time and your time, your destiny. Like Daniel, you've been raised up to speak light into the darkness. Like Moses, you and I have been made shepherds to walk people from the darkness into the light of Christ Jesus. Like Caleb, we have been given a mountain and a vision to claim for the glory of God. Like Gideon, we have been given an army to lead."


Ding Ding Ding ! ! Brigadier General Carver's rhetorical sledgehammer rang the bell to win the "apocalyptic religious warfare rhetoric" competition. Was his kewpie doll the career promotion to be Army Head Of Chaplains ? Or was that a gift from God ? None but Micky Noah can say. Noah, who has covered Douglas Carver's career in some depth, stepped out of his journalistic role, into a prophetic one, with the following rather blunt assertion, in a May 17th, 2007 Baptist Press hagiography, that Army Chaplain Head Carver has been singled out, especially, by God for his new command position:

"WASHINGTON (BP)--For the first time since President Eisenhower and the Korean War, a Southern Baptist has been nominated to command the U.S. Army's 5,000 commissioned chaplains.

Based at the Pentagon, Brig. Gen. Douglas L. Carver, 55, has been tapped as the Army's next Chief of Chaplains. If his nomination is confirmed by the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee and the full Senate as expected, Carver will be promoted to major general and awarded his second star during July ceremonies at Fort Belvoir in northern Virginia.

Why has God chosen Carver? And why now, during Iraq and Afghanistan, the longest wars America has fought in the 20th and 21st centuries -- longer than World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam?

"The Scripture talks about how God is the One who raises up leadership," Carver said in an interview. "For such a time as this, it has appeared that God has raised me up as a Southern Baptist chaplain to provide spiritual leadership for our chaplains in the Army."

Douglas Carver's career advance has been rapid, to say the least. It was only last September 2005 that Carver became the Army's Deputy Chief Of Chaplains. Now, in 2007, Carver has advanced to be Head of Army Chaplains. There are very roughly 1400 chaplains in the active duty US military and, as of 2005 according to Alan Cooperman writing for The Washington Post, over 450 of those were chaplains from the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination whose Vice President, Wiley Drake, has endorsed domestic terrorism. Prominent SBC leaders have rhetorically attacked, and encouraged Baptist parents to pull their kids out of, public schools and the SBC officially bars women from serving as SBC pastors. For articles on the Southern Baptist Convention go here.

"Lord, we know  that you will not forget us in our aircraft or under our canopies. Neither  will we forget you on the drop zone or back at home. Thanks for going with us all the way. Amen. " -    LTC Douglas Carver, 101st Airborne Chaplain, from 101st Paratrooper prayer #5


Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action, a blog specializing in faith and politics.

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Anybody home?
Posted by: Knowmad on Aug 9, 2007 9:03 AM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
Just when I think you Americans can't possibly put up with any more abuse, you prove me wrong once again. This incident is just creepy and sick, and an affront to progressive, thoughtful, compassionate people everywhere.

However, what's far more creepy and sick is that you've allowed your society to deteriorate to the point where this type of criminal, immoral activity can actually happen; in 'broad daylight' no less. This permissive mindset is the true, urgent problem you have to admit to and deal with, if your country is to have any sort of quality of life for other than the corrupt and complicit in the foreseeable future.

It's time to get busy, or busier at least, as what you've done and are doing hasn't seemed to even attract the attention of the abusers and manipulators stealing your birthright.

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» RE: Anybody home? Posted by: Ian MacLeod
Posted by: JoshuaLudd on Aug 9, 2007 11:15 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
If all these numerous failures were chosen by God, then God must hate this country.

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» RE: If Posted by: VZEQICVA
Posted by: cwilsondrum on Aug 9, 2007 11:32 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
kick em out now. why should my son,put up with this kind of sick individual. My son didn't join the army to get religion from some zealot. He is 28 years old and a serious soldier, not a clown or buffoon, so he will not be swayed by this moron or any others, but why are they there at the top? things are really screwed up. I am going to do my best to convince my son to get out.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

Is it time for God to retire??????
Posted by: veive on Aug 9, 2007 12:30 PM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
May God save us from His newest "appointee." Methinks God is slipping more than a tad. First He gives us Bush and now this nudnick. I guess even eternal beings eventually run out of gas.

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about time
Posted by: c.e.stokes on Aug 10, 2007 3:31 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
who wrote that, the world will not be well untill the last pollitition is strangeled by the entrails of the last preist?

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

» The actual quotation is Posted by: james2021
» RE: The actual quotation is Posted by: Doubtom
The Rupture
Posted by: Sherry M. on Aug 10, 2007 4:35 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
With guys like this in leadership positions, we're headed for The Rupture, not The Rapture. They are destroying the foundations of our country because they think they are right. What they are is SELF-righteous, and headed for a fall, if not the Fall. Throw the bums out.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

Ah Repugwicans, the keepers of values and other NAZI characteristics
Posted by: james2021 on Aug 10, 2007 8:25 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
I am curious which Divinity School he attended. He and fellow Pastor Strangeloves apparently skipped the majority of the New Testament, in favor of the Fantasy of the Book of Revelation. What ever happen to the Sermon on the Mount.

When did Christianity become the force behind the Total Unending War of the Republicans ???

One must be mindfull, that the Rapture has alreay occured.
Happened on August 8, 1945, 140,000 Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki disappeared without a trace.

It is dangerous to have these people leading the spiritual life of our Armed Forces.

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John Lennon was right
Posted by: bettyn on Aug 10, 2007 8:38 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
"Imagine"......NO RELIGION. Especially these Holy Rollers and their "Rapture" BS. IF I believed in a god....I would be CONVINCED that George W. Bush is the Antichrist.

Instead, I think he is an immoral, spoiled rich brat who believes that only elitist RICH PIGS such as himself can decide what is best for our country. The rest of us don't count..we're just here to suffer and die for his (and his cronies) bottom line. He loves these dumbass religious kooks who drink his Kool Aid and pray for the end of life on earth as we know it. This country is a MESS and I don't see it improving in my lifetime. The damage Bushco has done to it is just too great.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

» RE: John Lennon was right Posted by: bob t
Posted by: J. S. on Aug 10, 2007 10:09 AM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
So what's the problem? Sounds like standard conservative Baptist theology to me. Are we to ban all those who more or less share this theology from being military chaplains?

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

» RE: steve Posted by: bob t
Kaneh bosm, Cannabis, Christ!
Posted by: garry minor on Aug 10, 2007 10:18 AM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
The Book of Jude warns us of these men. They are unholy deceivers, instinctual beasts, dividers of men, and bent on destruction. They are Biblically and literally antichrist!
1 John 2:18-29 reveals the scheme.
Christ/Messiah is a title, it means literally covered in oil, "anointed". All Kings, Priests, and Prophets of God, for all generations to come, including Jesus and us today, must be anointed to be worthy of the title "Christian". Therefore the antichrist Johns warns us of are simply men that do not have the Spirit, the anointing.(1 Samuel 16:13) The literal definition of antichrist is "opposed to or against, anointed, with oil as in a religious ceremony. Look it up, anti, Christ, anoint.
Jesus came to make Priests of all men. In order for this to happen he made the mystical Chrism available to all men who come to believe. Not just for Kings, appointed Priests, and Prophets, like in the Old Testament. This means that they had to use the very oil as described by God in Exodus 30:22-33. Nothing else will do!
In 1936 a Polish Anthropologist named Sula Benet discovered that in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament the word "kaneh bosm" had been translated as calamus or fragrant cane by the Greeks when they first rendered the Books in the 3rd century BC. Benet claimed through research and etymological comparison that the proper translation is cannabis. In 1980 the Hebrew Institute of Jerusalem confirmed her claim that "kaneh bosm" is indeed cannabis. In Exodus 30:23 God instructs Moses to use 250 shekels of "kaneh bosm" in the Holy oil. Kaneh is also listed as an incense tree in Song of Songs 4:14. The mistake was repeated in Isaiah 43:24, Jeremiah 6:20, and Ezekiel 27:19. There are 141 references to anointing and 145 for burning incense in the standard Bible.
John the Baptist claimed that while he Baptized with water, Jesus would Baptize with fire and the Holy Spirit. The Gnostic Gospel of Philip discovered at Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945 after being buried in the sand for 1600 years say's it well; "there is water in water, there is Fire in Chrism". And again it say's; "The Chrism is superior to baptism, for it is from the word Chrism that we have been called Christians, certainly not because of the word baptism. And it is because of the Chrism that the Christ has his name. For the Father anointed the Son, the Son anointed the Apostles, and the Apostles anointed us. He who has been anointed possesses everything. He possesses the Resurrection, the Light, the Cross, the Holy Spirit. The Father gave him this in the Bridal chamber. He merely accepted the gift. The Father was in the Son and the Son in the Father. This is the Kingdom of Heaven."
So, what is happening today has been in the works from the very beginning. While there are many good, righteous people of all faiths that try and live Godly lives, the Truth has been hidden. The men that are leading us to war and promoting wealth as power are not Prophets of the God of Truth but of the ignorant liar god Saklas. They are deceived.
The really Good News is that the Truth is out and now becoming effectual, hidden no longer. Christ is revealing himself again through the lost scriptures and the Word of God, Kaneh bosm! READ THE BOOKS!! The Truth is available for all those that search, have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that understand! I suggest you all strive to become worthy of "The Tree of Life" for yourselves. Get Anointed!
Food, fuel, shelter, medicine, pleasure, spirituality, unity!

Isaiah 6, Matthew 13:11-23, 1 John 2:18-29, Psalm 133
If you know the Truth the Truth will set you free!

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

» Holy shit and other crap Posted by: Doubtom
» RE: Kaneh bosm, Cannabis, Christ! Posted by: OakRaidFan
Holy shit and-----
Posted by: Doubtom on Aug 10, 2007 11:11 AM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
the above comment was intended as a stand alone comment and not as a comment on the long-winded individual immediately preceding me.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

Wow, all I can say is this guy...
Posted by: bob t on Aug 10, 2007 1:12 PM   
Current rating: 5    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
...is as creepy as the Pope is and his coterie of right wing Catholics all of whom are totally dedicatd to the Republican party. They all lack any sense and are totally bereft of HUMILITY.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

Another diagnosis of schizophrenia
Posted by: AsteroidMiner on Aug 10, 2007 3:32 PM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
Are you saying that Chaplain Douglas Carver says that god speaks
to Chaplain Douglas Carver? How often does Chaplain Douglas
Carver have these auditory hallucinations? Are they only
auditory, or are they full blown color videos? It makes sense that
a schizophrenic would rise quickly since we already knew that his
boss, George W. Bush, is a schizophrenic.
Schizophrenia is the well-known cause of the most severe cases
of religion. Here are 2 books to refer to on this subject:
"The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-
Cameral Mind"
Julian Jaynes Professor, Harvard University 1976
"Religious people are just like schizophrenic patients"

"The Psychiatric Interview in Clinical Practice"
Roger A. MacKinnon, M.D., Robert Michels, M.D.
W. B. Saunders Co. 1971
"Religiosity is a common symptom [of] schizophrenic patients"
"If the symptom is religiosity, the diagnosis is "Schizophrenia".

Here are some more books that tell the truth about religion:

The Neuropsychological bases of god beliefs
Dr. Michael A. Persinger MD, psychiatrist 1987
"[Some] Religious people are just like my temporal lobe patients"

"The God delusion" by Richard Dawkins. "Religion is caused by
a kind of computer virus that infects the living computer, the
human brain."

"The God Part of the Brain" by Matthew Alper 1996. "The USA
is anomolusly religious because many early founder groups were
religiously insane and fleeing prosecution in Europe. Religion is
a genetic disorder."

"The Science of Good and Evil" by Michael Shermer, 2004
"Morality and Ethics are now in the jurisdiction of Science and
greatly improved thereby."

"God: The Failed Hypothesis" by Victor Stenger Scientific
proof that god does not exist.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

Posted by: frank69 on Aug 11, 2007 10:23 AM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
Typical selective reading of the most misquoted series of bibles! None of these fundamentalist creeps ever reads the whole thing. And that includes the stupid Opus Dei Pope, Ratziger. Amen brothers and sisters. Amen.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]

poisoned minds
Posted by: bobjbax on Aug 12, 2007 2:16 PM   
Current rating: Not yet rated    [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]
tongue in toxed cheek..

'Ye shall know the Great Satan's True Hand by his minion's poisoning of your minds, your hearts, your bodily temples and your lands.'

and ha, by BUSHZI'S pointy ears roosting up there in their stolen Whuthauz


Bobby Baxter ~ Veteran & Marijuana Felon

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »] [Rate this comment: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]