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Research Guide in General Religion
Abingdon dictionary of living religions / Keith Crim, general editor ; Roger A.Bullard, Larry D. Shinn, associate editors. Nashville, Tenn. : Abingdon, c1981.
CCL, Reference BL31 A24(LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room BL31 A24
Includes signed articles and bibliographies covering the historical development, beliefs, and observances of religions still practiced. Includes articles on regional developments of religions which have spread across wide geographical areas.
A dictionary of comparative religion; general editor, S.G.F. Brandon.. N.Y.: Weidenfeld & Nicholson,1970.
SML, Main Reference Room BL31 D53 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room BL31 D54
A scholarly, one-volume encyclopedia with signed articles by known authorities covering the world's major and minor religions, modern and ancient. Most of the articles include bibliographies. A unique feature is the inclusion of a "synoptic index" for the major religions which provides a list of all related terms found in the dictionary under the names of both religions and countries.
Encyclopedia of African American religions / edited by Larry G. Murphy, J. Gordon Melton, Gary L. Ward. New York : Garland Pub., 1993.
SML, Main Reference Room BR563 N4 +E53X 1993 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room Oversize BR563 N4 E53
Almost two-thirds of the entries in this work are biographies, but it also provides a basic bibliography, a directory of churches and religious organizations, lists of religious leaders by denomination, and a detailed chronology beginning in 1618.
The encyclopaedia of Islam. New ed. Prepared by a number of leading Orientalists. Edited by J. H. Kramers, H. A. R. Gibb and E. Levi-Provencal, under the patronage of the International Union of Academies. Leiden, Brill, 1954- . (In progress)
SML, Main Reference Room DS37 E5 1954
SML, Arabic/Islamic Reading, Rm 508 DS37 E51 1954
A completely new edition of the most important, authoritative reference work in English on Islam and Islamic subjects. Includes long, signed articles, with bibliographies. Special emphasis is given in this edition to economic and social topics, but it remains the standard encyclopedic reference on the Islamic religion in English.
For a source which focuses primarily on Islam as a religion (rather than a culture), see Glasse.
The encyclopedia of religion/ editor in chief, Mircea Eliade. N.Y.: MacMillan, 1986-87. 16v.
SML, Main Reference Room BL31 +E56 (LC)
CCL Reference BL31 +E56 1986(LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room Oversize BL31 E46 1987
Now the standard, scholarly encyclopedia in the general field of religion, replacing Hastings' Encyclopedia of religion and ethics (1908-27). It is intended to "introduce educated, non-specialist readers to important ideas, practices and persons in the religious experience of human-kind from the Paleolithic past to our day." (Foreword) Its long, signed articles by over 1,400 contributors contain bibliographies and deal with all aspects of religion: doctrines, myths, theologies, ethics, cults, sacraments, and religious groups. The final volume is a comprehensive index, including a synoptic outline.
Encyclopedia of the American religious experience : studies of traditions and movements / Charles H. Lippy and Peter W. Williams, editors. New York : Scribner, c1988. 3v.
SML, Main Reference Room BL2525 +E53 1988 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room Oversize BL2525 E53 1988
An authoritative, comprehensive work by leading scholars in history, religion, theology, American studies, sociology, and philosophy. It consists of 105 essays arranged under nine broad subjects: Approaches to religion in America; North America:contexts and backgrounds; Jewish and Christian traditions; Religions outside the Jewish and Christian traditions; Movements in American religion; American religious thought and literature; Liturgy, worship and the arts; Religion and the political and social orders; The dissemination of American religion. Includes selected bibliographies.
Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics/ ed. by James Hastings.... N.Y.: Scribner, 1908-27. 13v.
SML, Main Reference Room BL31 +H37(LC)
A work of major importance covering religion in all of its aspects and histories, including related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, biology, psychology, economics, and sociology. Now largely updated by The encyclopedia of religion (1986-87), but still important for its historical perspective. The articles are signed and include comprehensive bibliographies.
Glasse, Cyril. The concise encyclopedia of Islam. San Francisco, CA : Harper & Row, 1989.
SML, Main Reference Room BP40 G42 1989 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room BP40 G42 1989
Divinity Library, Stacks BP40 G42 1989b
Melton, J. Gordon. The encyclopedia of American religions. 5th ed. Detroit : Gale Research, c1996.
SML, Main Reference Room BL2525 +M449 1996 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room
Covers religious groups in both the United States and Canada and consists of essays on the history of religion in those countries, on various religions and religious movements, and a directory which includes both historical and contemporary information on those religions and movements.
The new Scaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge: embracing biblical, historical, doctrinal and practical theology and biblical, theological and ecclesiastical biography, from the earliest times to the present day ... . New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1908-12. 13v.
SML, Main Reference Room BR95 +S32 (LC)
CCL, Reference BR95 S32 1966 (LC)
Divinity Library, Stack Reference BR95 S43
Divinity Library, Stacks BR95 S43
Beinecke, Reference BR95 S32 1959 (LC)
Despite its age, still one of the most important encyclopedias in the field of religion in English. It's based on the third edition of Johann Jakob Herzog's Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie und Kirche (Leipzig: Hinrichs, 1896-1913), but new material was added and the bibliographies accompanying the articles were enhanced. Supplemented by:
New 20th-century encyclopedia of religious knowledge / edited by J.D. Douglas ; consulting editors, Robert G. Clouse ...[et al.]. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Book House, c1991.
SML, Main Reference Room BR95 N395X 1991 (LC)
CCL, Reference BR95 N395X 1991 (LC)
DIVINITY, Trowbridge Reading Room BR95 N395 1991
Oxford encyclopedia of the modern Islamic world. New York : Oxford University Press, 1995. 4v.
SML, Main Reference Room DS35.53 +O95 1995
SML, Arabic/Islamic Reading, Rm 508 DS35.53 +O95 1995
CCL, Reference DS35.53 +O95 1995
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room Oversize DS35.53 O95 1995
"... the first comprehensive encyclopedia dedicated to the institutions, religion, politics, and culture in Muslim societies throughout the world. The focus throughout is on the Islamic dimension of the Muslim experience in recent history, with background articles that ground the information in its historical context. Emphasis is placed on the practice and theory of Islam in Muslim societies around the globe, including the Arab heartland and South and Southeast Asia, and Europe and the Americas." (Publisher's catalog)
Parrinder, Edward Geoffrey. A dictionary of non-Christian religions. Philadelphia: Westminster Pr., 1971.
SML, Main Reference Room BL31 P37 (LC)
CCL, Reference BL31 P37 1971 (LC)
Divinity Library, Trowbridge Reading Room BL 31 P36
SSL, Reference BL31 P37 (LC)
Focuses on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, but includes entries on religion and religion-related topics (e.g. gods, heroes, cults, beliefs, and places) of all the religions of the world.
Vidal, Jacques. ed. Dictionnaire des religions. 2e ed. corr. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1984.
SML, Stacks, BL31 D55 1985(LC)
Divinity Library, Stack Reference, BL31 D55 1985 (LC)
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