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sea11 Bulgaria's natural landscape is full of surprises - it has endless, sandy beaches along the Black Sea, wild mountain ranges and lush green hills, fertile plains, magnificent gorges, rivers, health spas and natural springs... It is famous for long balmy Summers, dreamy scented rose fields, richly coloured orchards and sundrenched vine-yards ...

skier1 It is also renowned as a Winter Wonderland - with snow-laden mountains and pine forests stretching out as far as the eye can see, glistening like diamonds against an ever-blue sky.

swimming_pool2 Nestling at the heart of Central Europe, Bulgaria is a land of unspoilt natural beauty, where time has been known to stand still. It is a country of great contrasts.

Bulgaria is an interesting and intriguing experience for anyone: for those who love the warm southern sea or snow-covered slopes, for those who want to see it's cultural and historic monuments, who wish to delight in its unique and living folklore, for young people fond of sports, for families with children, for the aged and people who need treatment, for those who dream of carefree holidays.
A country open to the world where the roads of big tourism cross.


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