Off The Market: Kathy Griffin Finds a New Man!


There are a few people in this world who we stand up for, no matter what the “public at large” thinks about them. Celine Dion, for example. Bon Jovi comes to mind. And by far one of our favorite comedians, Kathy Griffin. She thankfully reinvented herself after the nightmare of Suddenly Susan, with her hysterical Bravo reality show Life on the D-List. Which is why we were more than a little miffed to hear that she was getting a divorce from her husband of 5 years, Matt Moline, after he reportedly stole money from her bank account without her knowledge.

But things are looking up for Kath. She’s found a new man. A successful man. Sadly, it’s not her absolutely adorable assistant Tom (what chemistry those kids have!), rather… a much bigger, richer man. Co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak to be exact. The two met after Steve saw Kathy perform. Now, we know Steve might not be the handsomest man around, but fans of Kathy know that looks really aren’t that important to her. And looks aside… could you really ask for a better catch than the co-founder of Apple F**king Computers? Wethinks not. And, as a side note, from what we’ve seen on her reality show, Kathy is an Apple girl through and through… which is adorable!

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Megmamegmeg says:

wait, really? this is awesome. i LOVE Steve Wozniak. He, like Sting, is a hero.

Rhea says:

Oh, my god. She’s gonna be loaded!!!

Syl says:


jennifer says:

I love love love kathy so much! If this is for real I hope it works out!

love it says:

that’s awesome! for both of them, awww. : )

stilettoxmafia says:


Please please please have a huge wedding. Like super huge. And film your show during it.


Beth says:

I too, adore Kathy and hope this is true!! Now, he might not get her those publicity photo ops like Nick Carter and the like, but hopefully he makes her happy.

Brandi says:

Yea for Kathy - ought to make her show interesting.

JHop says:

I love me some KG! So happy for her!

PS-I’m typing this on a Mac right now!

Grace says:

Yay for Kathy! I hope it works out :)

Fabiola says:

She, above all, deserves this.

Shari says:

Hmmm. No so sure. I thought there was something strange that happened with him a few years ago. Flipped out, depression, introvert? Some strage mental thing. Not sure. I love Kathy, want her to proceed w/ caution. I know this guy is loaded, but Tom is so perfect for her.

johnosahon says:

JACKPOT, she has finally gotten what she always wanted, a loaded homo about to die any moment now. i am so happy for her. LOL

Dorothy Porker says:

Good for Kath! I second the huge, gaudy wedding idea.

Britney is crazy says:

I LOVE Kathy & I am so happy for her. When I heard what a scoundrel her ex-husband was, I couldn’t believe it. I was a fan of Kathy’s before she was on Suddenly Susan.

Best of luck to you Kathy……now get your ass back to Michigan. It isn’t THAT cold!

Helen says:

Kathy is my favorite!!! Her show is HA-larious…I second the Tom chemistry. If this is for real, I want that huge redicilous wedding to be shown on her show - she would make it unbearably funny.. .I can feel it :)

CharlyB says:

I’m going to see her live tonight in Atlanta!!!!!!!!! Maybe she’ll mention this - I’ll let you guys know what she says : )

silly sally says:

I met her in 1996. We hung out at an aquaintence’s house in Muir Beach.
She did a very vulgar joke within a joke for me about black dudes sucking the tokens out of the subway stalls. I guess the joke was on me, I suppose, I stood there in the midst of my fragile ego in ultra pc marin too stunned for words.
I think she would love me name dropping her on this thread…

Im a big fan, I get it Kathy!!!!!
I wish her every happiness!!!!!

lin says:

Are you kidding me? Compare this guy To Matt. Matt was not the most appealing looking man. This guy has potential # 1 above all He is a fan. the money just the icing on the cake. All the best Kathy!

SusieJ says:

D-List Schmee-List–with this guy she can buy a red carpet and have it laid out everywhere she goes!

Elizabeth says:

Aww! Yeah for Kathy! He looks friendly and fun. I’ll bet her Dad made that love match happen : ) Yeah Kathy!

Jailbait says:

*We’re in the money starts to play*

ImmaculateConfection says:

Good for Kathy! I love her so much, she deserves a good man. :D

jen-jen says:

HELL YA! I love her cause she will say anything,any f*cking thing. Just imagine that mouth with that money. Plus she’s very charitable those tots will be getting some toys this year ,no doubt!

Carpet Master says:

Now, we can ponder to the greta and almighty Woz, the question posed to KG many years ago….

Does the carpet match the drapes?

Lucky Woz…

peace pipe says:

I love Kathy to pieces, but I sense no chemistry between her and Tom– he reminds me of a puppy that has been dropped on its head a few too many times.

KGMC says:

YAY! I want her to be happy, stay funny and keep entertaining us!

Tall_Blonde says:

Seeing her in Atlanta tonite !!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her !!!!!!

Happy for her too! Go Kathy!!!!

Pam says:

Yay kathy! She’s hilarious and I love her show on Bravo. I hope that it works out for them! Cha-ching!

infallible says:

I saw that and said, “That’s not Woz, is it?” It is Woz. What an unlikely turn of events. So unlikely, in fact, that I want to see them canoodling at an Olive Garden or something. I’d even settle for them playing Starcraft next to each other at a LAN party. Then I’ll believe it.

money tree says:


RSL says:

Good fuckin’ Lord. Am I the only BWE reader who hates la Griffin? She’s the dreckiest of drecks. And as a queer, I find her lazy pandering to the gay audience to be nothing short of Machiavellian.

Hamed says:

Kathy Griffin deserves to be HAPPY ..I love ,love watching her show …She is 1 comedian that makes me laugh hard ! Every time I watch her D-Listed show I literally laugh out loud she says things that we think but would never say out loud which is why I love her sense of humor ..I would love to work for her she ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

jennifer says:

RSL yes you are !
p.s. YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greg says:

RSL , I second the above comment . You do indeed suck!
Also your a pretentious asshole. ( Machiavellian, give me a break )

RSL says:

Yay, I got called a “pretentious asshole” by Kathy Griffin fans.

christian says:

WOW! good for her… she really deserves any and all success that comes her way… i always loved her but season 2 of “DLIST” really clinched it for me…mainly the way she handled two HUGE disappointments in her life (divorce and dad’s death) and was able to…in a classy way… integrate them into her show. GO KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... says:

I’m also a little surprised RSL is the only one hating on Kathy here — I personally enjoy her Bravo show and her recent stand-up shows (I like her NOW — but hated hated hated her on Suddenly Susan!) However, know many people that hate hate hate her (a few gay men, RSL). But probably most of the people I know who hate her are not likely to be on the gossip blogs like me (and RSL)… so I’ve just answered my own question.

P.S. to Kathy Griffin on one thing that really bothers me about her: Oak Park is a SUBURB of Chicago. You are from Oak Park — you are not from Chicago!

gc says:

Met Steve Woz at Mac World in San Francisco this past January. He was on his Segway. I’d love, love, love to see the Woz and Griffin date. But hey, does Steve Woz have kids? Kathy HATES kids.

I think it would be a good match.

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