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Napier College of Commerce and Technology, Edinburgh

Corporate Biography



Location of main offices

Craiglockhart, 219 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, Scotland

Main function

Higher Education Institution

Related authority entries

Napier Technical College, Edinburgh (1964-1967)

Napier College of Science and Technology, Edinburgh (1967-1974)

Edinburgh College of Commerce (1966-1974)

Napier Polytechnic, Edinburgh (1988-1992)

Napier University, Edinburgh (1992- )

Alternative name(s)

Napier College, Edinburgh


Napier College of Science and Technology was amalgamated with Edinburgh College of Commerce on 1 October 1974, to create Napier College of Commerce and Technology.

Details of premises

Initially the college operated from Merchiston and the newly built Sighthill, which had been inherited from the College of Commerce, as well as a few minor sites. From 1979 classes had been taught at Craiglockhart which was owned by the Society of the Sacred Heart. On 1 April 1986 Craiglockhart was bought by the college, and was officially opened on the 3 September 1987. From then this site was used as the main business location for the college.


The merger between Napier College of Science and Technology and Edinburgh College of Commerce changed the structure of teaching. Five faculties were introduced; Science, Technology, Humanities, Industrial Resources and Management, and Business and Professional Studies. The college offered Scottish Association for National Certificates Diplomas and Scottish Certificate of Education, Scottish Higher Certificates and Diplomas, and Scottish Technical Education Council (SCOTTEC) awards and Scottish Business Education Council awards inherited from the College of Commerce. In 1979/1980 the College had six new degree courses approved under the Council for National Academic Awards, including the first part time degree for the college in Quantity Surveying.

Administrative structure

The hierarchy of the College in 1974 consisted of a principal (previously principal of Napier College of Science and Technology), and an associate principal (previous principal of Edinburgh College of Commerce). A College council was also established consisting of three representatives from Edinburgh Education Committee, one each from East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian County Councils, three each from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Edinburgh and District Trades Council, one teacher nominated by the Edinburgh Association of Head Teachers, 2 members of the College's teaching staff, three members of the Academic board, one member of non-teaching staff, and four student observers. By April 1985Napier College of Commerce and Technology had transferred to central institution status, on the recommendations of the report by the Scottish Council for Tertiary Education ( 1982), and acceptance of this by the Secretary of State for Scotland ( 1983). This resulted in all rights, interest and governance being transferred from local authority to the College.

Reference codes of collections created by the corporate body

GB 2043 ?


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