Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Of the many museums perhaps the best known is the Imperial War Museum. The former RAF Duxford is a site belonging to that museum and is a very active site. Aircraft are restored and flown here, there is a huge collection of military items from artillery to submarines. This museum is on an historic airfield which is well preserved and a day is not enough to do it justice. Changes are constant and it repays repeat visits with new items of interest. Visit on a quiet day to see the exhibits, and come back on a flying day for real action. Here is a small selection of the many and varied exhibits, which will give you a flavour.
Entry is via the new super hangar and this huge structure contains everything from WW1 planes to Cold War relics, from all sides.

SR71 Blackbird meets TSR2 and in the background, Sunderland Flying boat. Where else can you see these together?

"Upkeep" Barnes Wallis's bouncing bomb for the Ruhr Dams.

Another Look at the fastest, the highest, the one and only Blackbird.

A Polaris missile, showing its boost stages and the warhead bus and the covering nose cone.

Outside in the open are some more old warriors from all periods of 20th Century war.

The buildings are exhibits too!

There are all sorts of rockets from Bloodhound,

To V1 on its launch ramp to-

Scud on its Transporter Erector Launcher truck.

There are planes from all periods both military and civil.

There is a Victor.

There is also a Vulcan, but the only surviving Valiant is to be seen at the RAF Museum at Hendon.

The old Shackleton was used for many years probably past its sell by date and was known fondly as a hundred thousand rivets flying in loose formation.

The new USAF Museum is superb.

In this new and unique building,

you will be met by a U2 overflying a B52.

All around are planes from the whole USAAF and USAF history.

The Land warfare hall is another impressive exhibit.

From artillery like this huge trench mortar,

to early armour.

There are superb tableaux with all the right kit!

Even the car park gets a bit lively!

RAF Regiment Museum, Honington