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Why we are doing it & what we hope to accomplish

We recently launched American Solutions for Winning the Future, a unique non-partisan organization designed to rise above traditional gridlocked partisanship, to provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing our country.

The breakthrough impact of this organization is driven by its powerful approach:

        • Broad scale engagement of elected officials and candidates of both parties at all levels of government, interested citizens, private sectors leaders, reporters, scholars and students.
        • Development of big, real, breakthrough solutions to the most important issues facing this country - education, energy, more effective homeland and national security, a new model of retirement savings, a renewed sense of American civilization and citizenship, creating efficient, information age government and more.
        • A process to educate, ignite collaboration and implement these solutions across all levels of government with widespread support from citizens.

I will serve as Chairman reflecting my strong conviction in this approach to addressing our nation's problems. Let me explain in more depth why we have formed American Solutions.

It is clear America is faced with enormous challenges both at home and abroad. It is equally clear that the current political-governmental system is stuck in pathology of negative ads, short attention spans, gridlocked partisanship and lack of effective solutions that work and can be implemented. This is a big not a small problem. Solving it will require a big not a small solution.

We believe that it is possible to create solutions for America by using the principles that have historically worked in America.

We also believe the great increase in productivity and quality we have seen in the private sector over the last 50 years could be applied to create dramatically more effective services in the public sector.

Finally, we believe that the coming explosion in scientific knowledge (four to seven times as much new knowledge in the next 25 years as in the last) will make possible many solutions for learning, for economic productivity, for a better environment, and for a more effective homeland and national security.

Yet faced with these great challenges on the one hand and great opportunities on the other, the political-governmental system is mired in bureaucracy, paperwork, negativity, disorganization and ineffectiveness. We do not believe electing one or two more officials will change this. Neither do we believe politics as usual by either the Democrats or the Republicans will change this. Finally, we do not believe that a campaign focused solely on the White House can change this.

There are 511,000 local, state, and federal elected officials in America. There are candidates for these offices, incumbents in these offices, and staffs sustaining these offices. There are reporters, analysts and scholars who attempt to cover these 511,000 offices. Most if not all would have to be part of a movement for American Solutions to help win the future. That is how America historically has worked.

In addition there are millions engaged as volunteers in non governmental organizations. They can also bring a great deal to bear on developing new solutions and helping implement solutions.

This process of invention, development, education, collaboration and implementation requires a far longer time horizon, a far larger outreach, and a far deeper commitment to learning and implementing than can be found in a narrow political campaign.

We have already taken steps toward defining the concept of American Solutions for Winning the Future. The books, Winning the Future, Saving Lives & Saving Money, Rediscovering God in America, the Art of Transformation, the weekly e-newsletter, the daily radio commentary, and the various speeches and papers are all steps toward building the learning tools for this new pattern of a more successful 21st century America.

Soon we will develop a vivid presentation of the kind of successes toward which we want to work. They will describe an American success system based on a center-right value system. They will be made available to every Presidential candidate in both parties and to every interested American citizen.

If you think the current mess will be fixed by doing more of the same, this approach will not interest you.

If you agree with three principles:

  • Einstein: "Insanity is when you think that doing more of what you are already doing will lead to a different outcome."
  • Eisenhower: "When I can't solve a problem I always make it bigger until I can find a solution. I can never find a solution by trying to make it smaller."
  • "Real change requires real change."

Then you will find American Solutions a useful project for improving America's chance to be successful in the next generation.

If you want an America that is safer, more prosperous, healthier, and freer, then American Solutions is a more practical investment in real change than any traditional political project defined by traditional campaign consultants.

You can participate in a Presidential campaign and have a role in collaborating, learning, inventing and implementing through American Solutions. We will share our ideas and polling with all the candidates in both parties.

If you want to focus on much more fundamental change than a Presidential campaign by itself could possibly achieve, then American Solutions is a useful place to invest in a better future for your children, your grandchildren, and your country.

Whether or not I might be a candidate for President is something we will address in September 2007 but the process of transformational change is far larger than any one candidacy and should be seen in that context. American Solutions will continue to grow and evolve without regard to my personal candidacy. It is a much bigger and more profound concept than any single individual.

I hope you will consider joining this effort to truly help America win the future for our children and our grandchildren through a generation of American Solutions.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich - Signature



American Solutions is based on the premise that the wealthiest economy and the most powerful nation in the world needs answers the size of America's potential. American Solutions is designed to help transform a highly decentralized country of 300,000,000 people with 511,000 elected officials including 3,300 county governments, 17,000 elected school boards, 14,000 state legislators, 50 Governors, 435 federal Representatives and 100 federal Senators.

In the coming months, American Solutions will offer a set of solutions to problems facing America to help win the future. Stay tuned for more information.

For health and healthcare solutions please visit:

Center for Health Transformation - Better health, lower cost

For more information about the Chairman of American Solutions, please visit or sign up for the weekly newsletter.


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