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View videos from the New York launch of the CDP4 Report

Read letters of support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Maud Olofsson and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Download the letter from Angela Merkel[pdf]

Download the letter from Maud Olofsson[pdf]

Download the letter from Tony Blair[pdf]

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Adair Turner speaking at the CDP4 Launch in LondonAbout the Carbon
Disclosure Project (CDP)

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organisation aiming to create a lasting relationship between shareholders and corporations regarding the implications for shareholder value and commercial operations presented by climate change. Its goal is to facilitate a dialogue, supported by quality information, from which a rational response to climate change will emerge.

CDP provides a coordinating secretariat for institutional investors with a combined $41 trillion of assets under management. On their behalf it seeks information on the business risks and opportunities presented by climate change and greenhouse gas emissions data from the world's largest companies: 2,400 in 2007. Over 7 years CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process. The CDP website is the largest repository of corporate greenhouse gas emissions data in the world.

CDP leverages its data and process by making its information requests and responses from corporations publicly available, helping catalyse the activities of policymakers, consultants, accountants and marketers.

CDP5 Report Launch Events
June 2007
The fifth report from the Carbon Disclosure Project will be launched in New York on 24th September 2007, this will be followed by events in London and the rest of the world. Currently the events that have confirmed dates are:

24th September - New York, United States

2nd October - Oslo, Norway

3rd October - Stockholm, Sweden

4th October - Helsinki, Finland

9th October - London, United Kingdom

10th October - Toronto, Canada

18th October - Paris, France

5th/6th November - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

5th December - Geneva, Switzerland

As more events are confirmed they will be added to this page.

If you wish to receive an invitation to any of these events please contact James Howard ( stating which event you wish to attend.

CDP4 Launches
James Cameron speaking at the CDP4 launch in New York
The CDP4 report was launched on 18th September 2006 at the offices of Merrill Lynch in New York, please click here for more detailed information about this and the other launch events held in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Stockholm, Calgary and Brazil. Read more >>
CDP4 Responses
CDP 4 Companies and Response Status
Over 940 companies have completed the CDP 4 questionnaire as requested. You can download their responses as Word or PDF files.

Press Release
01 February 2007
Worlds Largest Investor Coalition representing $41 trillion Seeks Further Disclosure on Climate Change and Shareholder Value From World's Largest Corporations
Today a group of 284 institutional investors with assets of $41 trillion under management is writing to 2,400 of the largest quoted companies in the world by market capitalisation, asking for disclosure of investment-relevant information concerning the risks and opportunities facing these companies due to climate change.
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CDP Publications 
The CDP4 reports are available to download free of charge as PDF files.
CDP4 Report 2006.
  Download CDP4 2006 report [.pdf]
  Download CDP4 FT 500 Report Summary [1,375 KB]
  Download CDP4 FT 500 Report [3,751 KB] (Japanese)
  Download CDP4 FTSE 350 Report [2,091 KB]
  Download CDP4 FT 350 Adaptation Report [2,359 KB]
  Download CDP4 Asia Report [1,538 KB]
  Download CDP4 Germany Report [1,695 KB] (German)
  Download CDP4 Germany Report [1,713 KB]
  Download CDP4 Canada Report [1,572 KB]
  Download CDP4 Canada Report [5,971 KB] (French)
  Download CDP4 Electric Utilities Report [1,175 KB]
  Download CDP4 Brazil Report [982 KB] (Portugese)
  Download CDP4 Brazil Report [2,093 KB]
  Download CDP4 France Report [993 KB] (French)
  Download CDP4 S&P; 500 Report [1,780 KB]
  Download CDP4 Australia Report [761 KB]
  Download CDP4 Japan Report [389 KB]
  Download other/previous CDP reports (2000-2005) [.pdf]

Companies in CDP4 
Get information on the FT500 and other companies in the CDP4 sample.
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 CDP is an important catalyst for change - the change without which the world will be a very dangerous place 
Sir Christopher Bland, Chairman, BT