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Queen is a reasonably talented band who have chosen their models unwisely. On "Side Black," they venture into a lyrically muddled fairy-tale world with none of Genesis's wit or sophistication. They've also appropriated the most irritating elements of Yes's style — histrionic vocals, abrupt and pointless compositional complexity, and a dearth of melody. "Side White" is quite an improvement, containing many of the same muddled tendencies, but with the saving grace of timely and well-chosen power chords and some rather pretty tunes. But the album remains a floundering and sadly unoriginal affair. (RS 163)


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Meelah2011 writes:

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I haven't yet listened to all of the songs, but what I have heard is great. My favorite on the album is probaby "The March of the Black Queen" probably because it seems like there's so much going on in one song. "Ogre Battle" is epic, and I like it when Queen tells a story with their songs... which is basically what they do with this whole album!

Jul 17, 2007 12:54:36

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queenrocksbbc writes:

3of 5 Stars

I will be the first to tell you, I'm a HUGE Queen fan, but this album really disapointed me. There are a FEW good songs on it that I think are pretty good. Seven Seas of Rhye is a good Queen song. It has strange chorus at the end but, its still a 4 star song. Father to Son is a May song that is typically May's style of writing. Its a GREAT song, probally the best off the album. Roger Taylor comes out with a good song on this album, Fool In The End. This has a GREAT drum beat at the beginning of the song and the song hold itself up unlike most of the other songs on this album. And about the Final good song on the album is Funny How Love is. But trust me, by the time your done hearing the song, you'll never want to hear the word "funny" again.

May 16, 2006 16:17:20

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