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Small Business News

Latest business, internet, and technology news:

Report highlights failings in SMB’s IT security

According to new research commissioned by Websense Inc, employees of small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) regularly visit high-risk sites in work time, but IT Managers are failing to implement adequate IT security measures. The research, which was carried out by Dynamic Markets, surveyed 750 IT managers and employees in SMBs across five European countries. [...

Tiled architecture is hot topic at chips conference

Fujitsu develops biodegradable laptop

Google launches Click-Fraud resource centre

Online presence doubles business confidence

A Level results farce continues

Customers less satisfied with Apple, Dell and Google

Ionic Wind more efficient at computer cooling

Researchers identify Spam’s weak spot

Google and Microsoft plan online health initiative

Business Blog

Latest blog posts and business guides:

What makes an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur is one of those funny words that can be difficult to define. When I was younger, I imagined an entrepreneur to be some kind of swashbuckler of the business world. And in a way, it’s right - unhindered by conventional restraints and bureaucracy, they become a kind of pioneer in their own right. That doesn’t mean to [...

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