Sandisk Sansa USB driver for Windows 98

Sandisk Sansa e250
Sandisk is the company which quietly created a great MP3/MP4 player line. Since they are one of the biggest producers of flash memory, they can create players with a large storage for the great price plus they offer MicroSD slot for easy expansion of storage.

Unlike Sandisk's older players, the new line - Sandisk Sansa was not provided with Windows 98 drivers. It can be a problem for people who still owns one of those old, trustworthy machines.

Now the problem is over, Sandisk Sansa driver for Windows 98 (UMS / MSC mode) is ready for download!

The driver has been tested with Sansa e250, but it should be compatible with other series 200 players, like Sansa m280.

Important - read before you start with your Sandisk:

First of all, Sandisk can work in two modes: MSC mode and MTP mode. Under Windows 98, Sandisk has to be switched to MSC mode. This can be done in USB settings menu of the player.

MicroSD card
Second, Sandisk Sansa needs its MicroSD slot filled with a suitable Micro SD / TransFlash card. Without that card, you'll get a blue screen and system will stop!
Capacity and make of the card doesn't matter. Sandisk Sansa reports itself as two removable disks and the second disk is a card slot. When the slot is empty, Windows cannot work since it looks like a file disk drive appeared in the system.


  1. Press here and donate $5. If you cannot use PayPal - donate $5 (or more) to charity fund of your choice then contact me by e-mail. Don't forget including the name of chosen charity fund in your message.
  2. Download the driver: (if you don't have WinZIP, here's self-unpacking version: Sandisk-win98-v11.exe)
  3. Unpack it. win98-Sandisk directory will be created
  4. Switch your Sansa to MSC mode using "USB Settings" menu
  5. Connect Sansa to your computer. If nothing happens check your cabling.
  6. When prompted, select "Search for updated driver (recommended)"
  7. Check "Specific location" and uncheck remaining checkboxes
  8. Select location you have unpacked driver
  9. Don't use Eject function of Sansa disk drive icon. Before disconnecting, if you copied large files to your player, just wait a second so that files will be copied.


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