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DFDS scraps Newcastle-Gothenburg line

Published: 6th September 2006 15:11 CET

Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways is to scrap the only passenger ferry route between Sweden and Britain, with the axing of the Gothenburg-Newcastle route at the end of October.

The company said that "a number of factors" were behind the decision, including rising fuel costs and falling passenger numbers.

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DFDS has been running ships between Gothenburg and England for decades, with the Newcastle route the last to close. The company had previously also served ports including Harwich and Immingham.

The company said it would still continue to operate routes to England from Norway and Denmark. The company said it was in the process of purchasing the M/S Fjord Norway from rival ferry company Fjord Line, and would run the ship on a Norway-Newcastle route.

DFDS has faced competition from airlines in recent years on its routes between the UK and Sweden's second city. Ryanair has invested in new lines from Gothenburg, and FlyMe has recently introduced new flights to London.

DFDS Seaways' sister company, DFDS Tor Line, will continue to run shceduled freight ships between Gothenburg and several English ports, although these have limited capacity for passengers.

James Savage ( 656 6518)

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Sweden should hand back booty taken from Denmark during wars in 17th and 18th centuries, a Danish Member of Parliament has said. READ »

Porn ban for sex offenders

Prisoners convicted for sex offences are to be banned from receiving pornographic magazines, according to a new government proposal. READ »

Suspected bomb device at Gothenburg Opera

Suspected bomb device at Gothenburg Opera

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Sweden scraps aid to China

Photo: Øyvind Lund

Sweden is to halve the number of countries to which it pays foreign aid. The number of recipient countries is to be cut from 70 to 33, with China and Vietnam among those losing out. The Social Democrats accuse the government of "abandoning Asia." READ »

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