Hall of Fame Voting: Baseball Writers Elections

1975 Election

362 ballots cast, 272 votes needed for election.

Players must receive 75.0% of the vote or higher to be elected.

Name Votes PCT
Kiner, Ralph27375.4%
Roberts, Robin26372.7%
Lemon, Bob23364.4%
Hodges, Gil18851.9%
Slaughter, Enos17748.9%
Newhouser, Hal15542.8%
Reese, Pee Wee15442.5%
Mathews, Eddie14840.9%
Cavarretta, Phil12935.6%
Snider, Duke12935.6%
Sain, Johnny12334%
Rizzuto, Phil11732.3%
Kell, George11431.5%
Schoendienst, Red9426%
Ashburn, Richie7621%
Drysdale, Don7621%
Fox, Nellie7621%
Maris, Roger7019.3%
Dark, Alvin4813.3%
Raschi, Vic3710.2%
Kluszewski, Ted339.1%
Howard, Elston236.4%
Larsen, Don236.4%
Vernon, Mickey226.1%
Cooper, Walker133.6%
Burdette, Lew113%
Newcombe, Don113%
Thomson, Bobby102.8%
Boyer, Ken92.5%
Haddix, Harvey82.2%
White, Will71.9%
Law, Vern61.7%
Wertz, Vic51.4%
Groat, Dick41.1%
Podres, Johnny30.8%
Colavito, Rocky10.3%
Virdon, Bill10.3%