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Wheelkid (2005)

Wheelkid is a game that has been developed for children in a wheelchair in the age of 3 to 6 years. The project is a graduation assignment of Nick Ratering for the Utrecht School of the Arts (faculty Art, Media and Technology).

Wheelkid consists of three games that are both entertaining and educational. All three games are designed to help train the childrens' control over a wheelchair. One game aims to simulate daily life: players have to avoid obstacles, choose alternative routes or navigate through narrow lanes. The levels increase in difficulty while the game progresses. The second game is a racing game in which players have to move as fast as possible from point A to B. One can play against a programmed character or against another person. The third game is a wheelchair tennis game.

What makes the game special is that is can be customized to the needs of each specific player. The controls (keyboard or joystick) can be set depending on the disability of the child. The type and brand of the wheelchair that the child uses in real life can also be set to control specific settings in the game.

The official WheelKid website offers free demo downloads of the game. Click this link to visit (Dutch).

Wheelkid project pictures:

Illustration of the different cartoon-like characters of WheelKid Wheelkid Logo Screenshot of WheelKid