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The Centre for Dialogue is a major initiative of La Trobe University. It comes after several years of preparation and close collaboration with Australian and international partner organisations.

The Centre is interdisciplinary, research-based, educationally minded, policy-driven and network-oriented.

Its main functions are:
  • Pure and applied research of international standing
  • Educational courses and projects designed to promote cultural literacy in schools and institutions of higher and continuing education
  • Community engagement aimed at nurturing inter-cultural dialogue and co-operation
  • International networking, collaborative projects and exchanges, especially in Asia Pacific
  • Policy advice to governmental bodies, international agencies and non-governmental organisations

The La Trobe Centre for Dialogue fosters on-going interaction between scholars, and representatives of key constituencies including government, industry, labour, international organisations, professional associations and the community sector more generally.

It will initially focus on dialogue across:
  • Cultures, religions and civilisations – relevant to many contemporary national and international conflicts;
  • Competing globalisation discourses – not just the different perspectives of intellectuals, but the policy positions of key constituencies, including government, international organisations, industry, labour, the professions and the wider community.

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