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Grey Chrysler Sebring
Chrysler Sebring
Black Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabrio 2.4 Limited photo
Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabrio 2.4 Limited
Photo of red Chrysler Dodge Viper SRT-10
Chrysler Dodge Viper SRT-10

Indices De Daimler Chrysler NV . is a German-American manufacturer of CAR and use business vehicles for civil and military use just as finances services with headquarters in Stuttgart and Chestnut halls, Michigan (VSA). The firm was created in 1998 by the merger of the Chrysler enterprise ( VSA ) With the Daimler-Benz NV. ( German country ) To an enterprise after German law.


The most common pressure mistake for Chrysler:

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With 382,724 colleagues Daimler Chrysler in the load year 2005 obtained an earnings of 149.8 Mrd Euros. In the years 2005, 4,029,800 persons vehicles and 824,900 use business vehicles became let fall. The most important markets its it United States of America Just as the countries of the European union (45.2 and/or 33.4 per cent of the groups earnings).




The Daimler Chrysler NV . and/or its daughter enterprises develop, produce and banish car of the signs


* De Mercedes car group: o Mercedes-Benz o suffer o Maybach




* De Chrysler Group: O Chrysler o Dodge o jeep o the Chrysler Group is do not banishes, is found further in the possession of further signs, that it now asset below other things under that: + Desoto (until 1961) + Plymouth (until 2001)




Next use businesses vehicle-sign hear NV. to the Daimler Chrysler:




* Mercedes-Benz (truck, vehicle, penitentie and Unimog) * Setra (Kässbohrer) * cargo container train * real played complicated * the Western star


Played complicated * American Lafrance until December 2005 * FUSO (former use business vehicle sign of the strategic partner Mitsubishi motor enterprise)




* Tank motors, ship motors and airplanes, broadcast and axes produced




In the territory of the telematica for use business vehicles, Daimler Chrysler with the sign Fleetboard has been represented.




Moreover Daimler furnishes stole Chrysler the motors over the sign Mercedes-Benz for the formulas 1-course




* Mclaren Mercedes.




Also the services sector plays an important role for Daimler Chrysler. To Daimler Chrysler, count the banks




* Daimler financial Chrysler maintains * the Daimler Chrysler bank




The enterprise




Daimler become Chrysler shares purse on the German under the stenografie symbol DCX, WKN 710000, at which international purse (ISIN DE0007100000) and in the Dax annotations.




The council chairman is since the 1 January 2006 Dieter Zetsche, management council chair since the year 1997 Hilmar Kopper.




The largest shares share at the affairs bank got the German to the 28 July 2005. This day the bank 35 million Daimlers knocked within a half hour Chrysler-Share in the value of 1.4 billions. Euro at institutional investors of and decreased so that the share of 10.4 on 6,9%. Largest partner is now the emirate Koeweit With 7,5%. On the 22 November 2005 sold bank the German further 25 million shares until 42.86 EURS per to pieces.,. With that is the important shareholder today single until 4.4% in Daimler Chrysler concerned. Next to 7.5% in Koeweit Ups and downs further 2.2% in the hands from Dubai International kapitaals (declare: 23 November 2005), the remaining share (85.9%) the shares its in the divided owner ship.




Order ending inspector of the Daimler Chrysler NV. Is the KPMG German faithful hand-BEDRIJFSNV.






* 33.2% EADS, European air affairs and separate flight affairs, mother firm and a. of Airbus and Eurocopter (January 2006) * 45% mad gmbh for bill of the calls (through means of the Daimler Chrysler


Financial services NV).


The business history


The story of Daimler-Benz till


1883 Daimler for the first time first-rate laws for a "gasmotor" just as for the "prescription the speeds of the motor through control of the afzetgebied chatter". Both patents were the basis walking firstly quickly world-wide for the burning motor. Three years Carl Friedrich Benz rent later on self the "car", a vehicle with burning motor and electric inflammation, patent. The affairs followed merged from the work as well automobile pioneer "Benz & Mederijn gasmotor fabrieksmannheim" (Benz & Cia. of 1899) as a “Daimler-motoren-gesellschaft" on the 28 June 1926 to the Daimler-Benz NV. with chair in Berlin .


Wilhelm Friedle, manager of the Daimler-Benz NV. work Sindelfingen Of 1927-1935, the montageband brought to outside of it VSA To German country .


Each time and each time appeared became the affairs so in the next year as a renewal leader on the automobile market -1951 the veiligheidspassagierscel, 1981 of the Airbag proposed and that omgordt tighter than New developments.


The Daimler-Benz NV. busied 1962,90,000 colleagues and an annual earnings of 4.4 billions DM won.


149,800 colleagues became 1972 in Daimler-Benz busied and obtained an annual earnings of 13.3 billions DM.




Of in the middle of of the 1980er's breidden the affairs below its council chairman Edzard Reuter in other areas out: The group acquired the Dornier gmbh, the MTU motors-union-and-turbine-union, Breeder just as the AEG. From parts of this daughter enterprises RUIMTENV". (DASA) was formed the "German. Also a merged, possession the group am of technology-branch with that from EBBED. The daughter dove from on that Adtranz 100%- ige daughter through Daimler-Benz was. Paces were established daughter enterprises the "German Airbus gmbh" and the "Daimlers Benz Inter services" (debis) consequently that the group including of the autotak now of four groups area existed.




The Daimler-Benz NV. (With AEG) busy 1989,368,200 colleagues and an annual earnings of 76,392 billions DM wins. 1990 raise the earnings self until 85,500 billions DM.




After the acceptance of the CEO-POST dream through Jürgen Schrempp 1995 a fixed departure of Reuters of the "resulted, integrated technology group". Lynx maker just as Breeders, AEG, Adtranz and Dornier were pushed back (partly under enormous expenses), although Schrempp z. B. The purchase of Breeder as a DASA-BOSS once itself in the roads led, were pushed back.








Shortly to its onderstelling of office to the 1 January 2006, announced the new Daimler Chrysler-Boss Dieter Zetsche a further jobs reduction. In the groups administration are places in the next three years 6,000 dismantled.




The zetsche new council of managers was become on the 1 September 2005 furrow the sign Mercedes-Benz. 2004 wolf courses Bernhard as a successor of Jürgen Hubbert for the topmanagement position in Mercedes-Benz was planned firstly by everybody, was lit and left however shortly for onderstelling of office under mysterious circumstances of its Vorstandsbereiches the affairs. Today boss of peoples vehicle sign is wolf course the Bernhard. On the 1 October 2004, Eckhard ribfluweel became boss called to the sign by Mercedes-Benz. Below its direction marred the rehabilitation of the sign meanwhile became Mercedes-Benz begun. Yet already after shorten mandate also ribfluweel the affairs on the 31 August 2005 left after well known became, that Zetsche the chair of the council of the Daimler Chrysler NV. in succession of Schrempp would receive. Dieter Zetsche will NV remain. after explanations near its position own as a council chairman of the Daimler Chrysler also the 31 December from now 2005 from boss of Mercedes-Benz.




In the course of will the rehabilitation of Mercedes-Benz in the years 2005 until 2008 ca. 14,000 colleagues the affairs leave. This will reached with settlement offer, pre-boardinghouse business prescriptions, transfers and through volume of trade must become. At the same time the employment agreement that 2012 valid is till accepted is kept up become.




On the 11 November 2005 remained the 12.4% of the shares in the Mitsubishi motornv was sold.




The new Mercedes-Benz-museum was opened 2006 directly next to the head plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. On 16,500 mw.² exhibition order 160 vehicles have been brought out, cleared up its story and have been held natural with restaurants and Shops the visitors on mood. With this museum Daimler, Chrysler walked the largest museum of a sign world-wide from the grounds. Prices, brings and openings times over: [ PDF 112 KB]




The acceptance of other firms




In the course of the years Daimler Chrysler (and/or Daimler-Benz) tade divide at numerous firms, received this complete or gehade at least large influence. The larger was of that:




* 1958: The car union (1964 on to the works Dusseldorf And Vitoria Again sells) * 1960: Horex * 1960: Maybach Motorenbau gmbh *


1965: Works factory Esslingen * 1968: Krupp (Vertriebsorganisation of the former truck-branch) * 1969/1970:


Hanomag-Henschel * 1980: FBW * 1981: The cargo container train * 1982: Harder * 1985: AEG * 1985: Dornier-work * 1985: MTU * 1989:


Messerschmitt-boelkow-blohm (MBB) * 1992: Breeder * 1995: Lafrance American * 1997: Wade (truck-branch) * 1998: Chrysler


(Merger) * 2000: The western star


The production centreert


Daimler Chrysler maintains production middle in 17 countries: German country, Austria, VSA, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, the Turkey, China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Egypt, South-africa (Daimler Chrysler South-africa), Australia.


Daimler Chrysler planned the building of the first production middle in Rusland For 2006. In Saint Godfather castle C and E-class-models and also Chrysler-Model would must produced become. The decision was based separate adjourned on fiscal disadvantages through the different Zölle for assembly and vervolledig assembly firstly by everybody. The conversations with the Russian government its further meanwhile gone.


A choice of works of the Mercedes car group and business vehicles:




Daimler Chrysler - work in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim groups headquarters in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim


Increases groups headquarters in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim




* Location: Daimler Chrysler NV . work Untertürkheim Mercedesstraße 137.70546 Stuttgart * Production territory: 582,404 mw.² * factory grounds: 2,060,002 m² * products: Motors, axes and broadcast for Mercedes-Benz CAR * colleague: 19,714 (declare 31. December 2005) * the Stuttgart Heath gene was till with 2005 seats of the groups headquarters. It was ended to bring the headquarters of Stuttgart Heath gene in the Mercedes-Headquarters to Stuttgart-Untertürkheim over. * Stuttgart-Untertürkheim is the native country of the developments departments for Mercedes-Benz automobile-motor, axes and broadcasts (Mercedes-Benz technology middle) just as for vehicle (Bus technology middle). * In the work Untertürkheim its since 1904 motors, broadcast and axes produced and steers at production work


In all worlds.




At the Daimler Chrysler-Work Untertürkheim, completely seven work hear divide: Head plant Untertürkheim increases head plant Untertürkheim




Untertürkheim, bathe Cannstatt, Hedelfingen, Zuffenhausen, THE ground pork gene, THE-Brühl just as THE-Sirnau.




The work fourth 2004 are of 100 years-old existence. The most motors for cars and vehicle just as all broadcasts and axes for Mercedes-Benz cars here have been produced. Also the motors of the Formel-1-wagen and Formel-3-wagen are on this developed and have been tested on its sustainability.




Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Sindelfingen




The work Sindelfingen , 15 km south from Stuttgart , Is the largest work of the group.




* In the work the second "Mercedes-Benz technology middle" (automobile developments departments) is for design, car body and cargo work. * De Personal state at the location: 29,906 colleagues (declare 2005) * production territory: 1,170,000 m² * factory grounds: 1,890,000 m²




The story work Sindelfingen




1915 foundations of the processing the Daimler-motor-business. The product of flight motors and airplanes. 1919 manufactures of the first automobile car body in Sindelfingen . 1926 after the merger of the Daimler-motor-business and Benz & Cia. the total car body building in Sindelfingen Is samengevat. 1927 furrow the first time montageband manufacture in the work. 1929 firstly busy work in Sindelfingen . The "Sindelfinger car body" becomes the quality notion. 1938 the work busy 6,500 colleagues. 1945 start of the reconstruction after the second world war. The production of the bus type 170. 5,100 persons vehicles of the Typs 170 V have been made. The product of buses. 1950 expansions of the work. Based on the increasing production is the two layer affairs proposed. 1955 is the reconstruction of the work expanded closed. The manufacture has been modernized and has been streamlined. The total production: 80,500 cars. 1960 the work busy 20,000 colleagues. De year production: 123,000 cars. 1963 typ the "large Mercedes" its 600 furnished. 1968 the work busy 23,000 colleagues, of that ca. 20% foreign workers. 1970 year productions: 280,000 cars. 1974 oil crisis: Nevertheless production and personnel state remain stole on high level. 1980 lay of the foundation stones for the new customer in the middle of. 1986 100ste birthday of the first car. Sindelfingen Vegetables 435,000 cars. The standard equipment becomes the 3-wege-katalysator 3-wege-katalysator way 3-wege-katalysator CATALYST 3 directions-catalyst weigh 3-wege-katalysator 3-wege-katalysator way 3-wege-katalysator CATALYST catalyst in Mercedes-Benz. 1993 introductions of water basis varnish in the surfaces treatment. The building of the new technology middle begins lay 1995 with the of the foundation stone for the new design building. 1998 starts KLASSEREN series 220ste introduction in the car bodies building. 1999 reconstruction of the customer in the middle of to the "experience world" of the sign Mercedes-Benz. 2000 opening of the "Mercedes Event in the middle of" for concerts and similar Events. The start of the 2de generation C-CLASS (BR 203). The completion of the Mercedes-Benz technology middle (MTC) 2002 start of the new E-CLASS series 211de production start of the sign "Maybach" in the product. 2003 starts of the new T-MODEL of the E-CLASS. 2004 starts of the new CLS-CLASS. 2005 starts of the new CLASS series 221.




In the production next class have been made and have been ascended:




* De C-CLASS inclement car * the C-CLASS play a sport based two doors car*E-download free car images and wallpapers inclement car * E-class-T-model*CLS-class (to become on it


The E-class) *S-class*CL * Maybach 57 and 62


Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Hamburg


The work Hamburg-Harburg with its 2,480 colleagues (of that many yet in the indirect territory) no more finished vehicles produces. Rather the axes just as other system parts are that Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler for almost all models of the signs made. The concerned the former speed-work, was that 1965 of Hanomag receive. Through the acceptance of Hanomag-Henschel, Daimler-Benz at the beginning of the 1970er Jahre in the possession of the work came. The location stamped made the notion based on the vehicles that "the Harburger vehicle".


The Mclaren-work in Woking / England


The work Woking Is the headquarters of the Mclaren Car ltd that meanwhile a daughter enterprise is (divides majority) of Daimler Chrysler. Here is the Mclaren MP4-21 produced, goes with that Mclaren-Mercedes in the formula 1 world championship 2006. Precisely as Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren in the work produced is Woking Of the fantastic sports cars.


Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Kassel


Here are since 1978 with 3,024 colleagues axes for use business vehicles of the group produced. The concerned the former use business vehicle work from Henschel, could that Daimler-Benz through the acceptance of Hanomag-Henschel integrate.


Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Berlin-Marienfelde


On the 2 October 1902 the Daimler-motor-business (DMG) the motor fabrieksberlijn NV. in Marienfelde receives. At the beginning firstly by everybody sails yet in a boat motors and ship motors were produced, has been produced already truck and penitentie of the volume by 1905. In Marienfelde rented the Daimler-Benz group work for its kriegswichtige production more than 3,700 (end 1944) slave workers for self; moreover a forced French, soviet and Polish wars prisoner in this fight power affairs asset to be. In Marienfelde, April 1945 of the end of September 1944 existed till in the middle of also an outside place of the KZ. The work became directed gemotoriseerd 1907 of the Daimler-motor-business the production of fire department vehicles on. Today its AUTOMOBILE-MOTOR here for Mercedes-Benz made, under other things the V12 cylinder buses-turbo-motor for the CLASS and the Maybach, the motors for the Clever and since May 2005 the 6 cylinder diesel-V-motor 642.


Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Vitoria/Spain


The work Vitoria Has since 1958 unpleasant Mercedes-Benz heard. It was built originally by DKW and became heard goods received by Mercedes then DKW short term to Mercedes. Here are since 2003 the models of the series W639 (Vito and Viano) produced. From from Vitoria , Also the MB 100 and of 1996 until 2003 the series W638 (Vito and V-KLASSEREN) came, is. the the most old work of daimler-chrysler.


Daimler the Chrysler-Work in Tuscaloosa , Alabama / VSA




There next classes have been made:




* M-class*R-class*GL-class


Daimler Chrysler German country


The Daimler Chrysler Germany (DCVD) connections rides the national the signs Mercedes-Benz, suffer Chrysler, jeep and Maybach.




For the care of customers and the bring on the market of the vehicle product and maintain products in German country , Is the DCVD Nationally represented.



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