Formula: SiO2

Origin of name: from Saxon word Querkluftertz = cross-vein ore


Crystal system: hexagonal

Crystal class: 32

Twinning: very common by DauphinÚ or Brazil law, less common by Japanese law, rare by several other laws

Unit cell: a = 4.91 ┼, c = 5.41 ┼


Colour: colourless, white, gray, yellow to brown to black, violet, pink


Luster: vitreous

Habit: crystals short to prismatic, elongated along c-axis, hexagonal, horizontally striated, bent, distorted, skeletal

Hardness: 7

Specific gravity: 2.655

Cleavage: 7; {10-11}, {01-11}, {10-10}, {0001}, {11-20}, {11-21}, {51-61}, seldom distinct

Tenacity: brittle

Streak: white




Comments: stable below 573░C, polymorphous with tridymite, cristobalite, coesite and stishovite, actually has 7 cleavages rarely visible or distinct


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