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Welcome with the Asian Rhino Foundation!

This Dutch rhino foundation support the 3 Asian rhino Sumatran rhinoceros in a wallowspecies and want to introduce people to these animal species. 

Everything of this, is very necessary, because:
Asian species are less known than African species
The Javanese Rhino is very rare
The Sumatran Rhino is very threatened
The Indian Rhino is a threatened animal species


Enough reasons to help these animals! Do you also want to help us? Click here.


22-08-07 Today we were present at the information market of the Annual Introduction Days in Wageningen. We are happy with all the enthusiastic reactions of the visitors! Also see the picture below.

Information Market August 22nd in Wageningen

31-07-07 The Asian Rhino Foundation is going to participate in the Wildlife Platform. Here different organization cooperate to protect wildlife globally. For more information in Dutch see www.wildlifeplatform.org.

20-05-07 We present our annual report 2006 and year plan 2007 only in Dutch. You can find them here.

11-05-07 We are proud to say the first donation is made by us to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary. They chose to buy hoof maker for Torgamba as he has problems with his nail. They also bought Peru Balsem, also for his nail. Below you find a picture of the medicine bought.

Medicine bought for Torgamba


When you want to become one of our sponsors please send an e-mail info@asianrhino.nl


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