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Researching Business Information

Automotive Industry

Please note that this Industry Guide covers the production of, aftermarket for and sale of, most four-wheeled vehicles plus a few selective references for motorcycles. Fleet management, classic cars and motor racing are not included.

Most of the printed sources quoted can be accessed at the British Library - please refer to the Integrated Catalogue for full details. Alternatively, some items may also be held in your local public library.

Page updated 6 February 2006

Directories | Market Research & Statistics | Trade Magazines & Newsletters | Internet Sources | Companies Operating in the Sector


Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Directory (First Global Media Group, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Has worldwide coverage and includes a review of the automotive industry in 2001, lists of events in 2002, profiles of companies and lists of organisations' web sites. The directory is arranged according to particular topics (e.g. digital manufacturing).
[Description based on 2003 edition]

Autotrade & Automotive Management Yearbook (Emap Automotive, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Gives contact information for car manufacturers together with sources for products and lists of suppliers, factors, wholesalers and VSIB installers.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

CV Guide (Plenum, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Sets out to be 'the complete guide to commercial vehicle chassis manufacturers, bodybuilders, body repairers and CV industry suppliers' in the UK. Included are listings, by company, of different CV models and their specifications.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

Motorcycle Trader Directory (ME Publishing, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Gives A-Z listings of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. There is also a list of brand names arranged by product with supplier cross-references.
[Description based on 2003 Edition]

Wards Automotive Yearbook (Ward's Communications, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Includes statistics relating to sales, production and other aspects of the worldwide automotive industry. There is also a detailed section on industry in the US.
[Description based on 2002 Edition]

UK Motor Industry Directory (Findlay Publications Ltd, annual) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Published for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, this publication includes information about business opportunities, an industry briefing, an A-Z listing of companies and a product and service locator.
[Description based on 2002 Edition]

Who Owns Who in the Retail Motor Industry (Sewells Information & Research, half -yearly) [(B) AA 772 BUS]
Lists UK holding companies giving for each the name and address of the subsidiary, the trading name, the location and franchise details.
[Description based on Jan. 2002 edition]

Market Research & Statistics:

Auto Annual Report 2002 (German Association of the Automotive Industry, 2002) [(B) VJ 1539(G)]
Concentrates quite heavily on German aspects but there are some references to and statistics for the world industry as a whole. Topics covered globally include the economic situation, structural trends, the economic/political background and the car from the point of view of the environment, safety, global harmonisation and standardisation.

Automobile Aftercare & Accessories: Market Research Great Britain, December 2001 (Euromonitor) [(B) AL 90 - E2 BUS]
Coverage includes transmission/braking systems, general electric components, in-car entertainment and in-car communications. Information is given about market size, marketing activity, the major companies and distribution. There are also market forecasts.

Automotive Industry Agenda 2002 (Sterling Publications Ltd) [(B) VJ 151 BUS]
Includes an industry overview and articles on materials/sealants, information technology, production/manufacturing, engine design/development, electrical/electronic aspects, testing/measurement, interiors, NVH, vehicle dynamics, design engineering/styling and production/safety/security.

Autoparts (Key Note, periodic) [(B) VK 45 BUS]
Covers original equipment used in the assembly of new vehicles and the aftermarket for repair and maintenance. An overview of the industry is given which includes market trends, market definition, market size, competitor analysis, buying behaviour, current issues and profiles of some of the major companies. There is also a guide to finding further sources.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

Beyond Block Exemption 2002: All Change in the Automotive Industry (Datamonitor, 2002) [(B) VK 45 BUS]
Discusses the likely impact on the automotive industry of the European Commission proposals to change the Block Exemption regulations. Included are analyses of the new distribution structures and the effects of the changes on the aftermarket.

Business Ratio Report: New Car Industry (Prospect, periodic) [(B) VK 45 BUS]
Gives an analysis of the performance of the leading foreign car distributors and UK manufacturers in the UK. There are also league tables arranged according to size, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, gearing, employee performance, export/sales and growth. There is, as well, a balance sheet and a quick profit and loss account for the industry as a whole.
[Description based on the 2002 edition]

Business Ratio Report: The Rubber & Tyre Industry (Prospect, periodic) [(B) MJ 54 BUS]
Gives an analysis of the performance of the leading rubber and tyre companies in the UK. The entries for the two types of company are interfiled and there is no quick way of extracting only the records for one or the other. There are also league tables arranged according to size, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, gearing, employee performance, export/sales and growth. There is, as well, a balance sheet and a quick profit and loss account for the industry as a whole.
[Description based on the 2002 edition]

Business Ratio Report: Vehicle Dealers (Prospect, periodic) [(B) VK 45 BUS]
Covers dealers in cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. There is an analysis of the performance of the leading UK companies and league tables arranged according to size, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, gearing, employee performance, exports/sales and growth.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

Electric Vehicles are Profitable: Where, Why, What Next? (Footnote Publications, 2001) [(B) VK 27 BUS]
Gives an overview of the structure of the EV manufacturing and service sectors worldwide. There are also surveys of profitability in 26 countries (including the UK) and an international investigation of 252 profitable EV companies. Information is given about market size and forecasts to the year 2030.

European Automotive Telematics Systems and Service Markets (Frost & Sullivan, 2001) [(B) PP 276 BUS]
The report sees telematics as, basically, systems used in passenger vehicles. These include in-car entertainment systems, auto toll payment systems and radio data system traffic message channels. There is information about the market together with its key players and award winners. There is also an explanatory list of abbreviations.

European Car Market Reference Book (HWB International Ltd) [(B) VJ1530 BUS]
Includes a section on the UK. This provides information about legal and fiscal measures, the used car market, finance, dealer networks, new vehicle supply systems and after sales.

Financial Survey Report: Car Dealers (Prospect, periodic) [(B) VK 45 BUS]
This 2 volume work gives contact and basic financial information for quoted and unquoted UK companies. There are indices arranged by area, industrial category and auditor.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

Financial Survey Report: Tyre Manufacturers & Distributors (Prospect, periodic) [(B) VJ 57 BUS)]
Gives contact and basic financial information for quoted and unquoted UK companies. There are indices arranged by area, auditor and industrial category.
[Description based on 2003 edition]

GMAP: European Car Distribution Handbook 2002 (HWB International Ltd, 2002) [B) VJ 1530 BUS]
Gives information about UK dealer networks. There are also, arranged by make, figures for the number of national distributors and dealer networks within individual countries.

The Motor Industry (Key Note, periodic) [(B) VJ 152 BUS]
Includes a market overview and competitor analysis together with sections on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles/mopeds/scooters and motor components. There is also a guide to finding further sources.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

Motor Industry of Great Britain (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, annual) [(B) VJ 152 BUS]
Gives automotive statistics for Great Britain and selected overseas countries. Included are figures for production, new registrations, and overseas trade.
[Description based on 2002 edition]

MSI Database: Intelligent Transport Systems: UK (MSI Marketing Research for Industry Ltd, 2001) [(B) PP 276 BUS]
Discusses potential applications of ITS in the UK as well as some existing projects. Key market drivers in the automobile industry are identified and future developments predicted. There are, as well, company profiles and details of a few magazines, trade associations/representative bodies and government departments.

Small Cars: Market Research Great Britain, Jan. 2001 (Euromonitor)[(P) AL 90 - E(2)]
Covers cars of under 1,400cc. Included is information about key trends, the emerging market, factors fuelling growth, the target market, advertising and promotion, the major companies and prices. Market forecasts are also given.

Tyre Industry (Key Note, periodic) [(B) AL 90 BUS]
The report covers passenger vehicles, light/heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, industrial vehicles and other vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, bicycles and aircraft). An overview of the industry is given which includes market definition, market size, competitor analysis, buying behaviour, current issues and profiles of some of the major companies. There is also a guide to finding further sources.
[Description based on 2001 edition]

UK Motor and Retail Finance 2001 (Datamonitor, 2001) [(B) VJ 152 BUS]
Discusses the credit options offered to customers who purchase cars. Included are private label cards, instalment credit and mail order credit. There are chapters dealing with the market context, customer focus, computer dynamics and the future.

US and Global Automotive Fuel Cell Markets: Markets, Technologies and Applications (Allied Business, 2001) [(B) VK27 BUS]
Looks at the potential for using fuel cell technology on a worldwide basis. With the help of tables the actual technology is explained, regulatory and business issues considered, market segmentation discussed and forecasts given. There is also an international directory of companies that are experimenting with fuel cell technology.

World Automotive Market Report (Auto & Truck International, annual) [(B) VJ 151 BUS]
Includes world statistics for motor vehicle production/assembly, registrations, number of vehicles on the road, trade in new motor vehicles and motor vehicle markets. In most of the sections separate figures for the UK are given.
[Description based on 2001-2002 edition]

World Bus & Coach Manufacturing Industry 2001 (Truck & Bus Builder Reports, 2001) [(B) VR 23 BUS]
Gives a world overview of the industry. The UK is covered specifically in the chapter on the Western European market and in the 'Who Owns Whom' sections on the 'bus chassis and body building industry' and 'bus component manufacture'.

Trade Magazines & Newsletters:

Aftermarket (Crystal Communications, monthly) [(P) VJ 70 - E(17)]
Advertised on the cover as 'The No. 1 Magazine for Automotive Information' this journal includes news, descriptions/pictures of new products, technical information (about, for example, diesel engines or air conditioning) and a section called 'In Focus'(in the February issue this covered 'rotating electrics, car care, compressors and hand tools, in-vehicle systems').

AM: The Newspaper for the Automotive Industry (Emap Automotive, weekly) [(P) VJ 00 - E (33)]
Has sections on 'News', 'Analysis', 'Showroom'(including new products), 'Aftermarket' and 'Recruitment'. Recent articles in 'Analysis' have included reports on congestion charging and the retail property sector.

Auto Briefing (Knibb, Gormezano and Partners, irregular) [(P) VJ 12 - E(12)]
Covers the UK and the rest of Europe. Includes articles on issues such as legislation, technology and engine development.

Automotive Components Analyst (Parliamentary Communications Ltd, monthly) [(P) VJ 40 - E(14)]
Analyses developments in the global components industry. Articles are arranged under subject headings like 'Powerplant', 'Control Systems' and 'Tyres/Wheels'. There are also in-depth features on, for example, particular companies, the European supplier industry and the aftermarket.

Automotive Quarterly Review (PCL, quarterly) [(P) VJ 12 - E(18)]
Designed to 'provide a regular bulletin rich in data [and] to give users a detailed summary on the state of the major car markets, car producing regions and carmakers worldwide'. The 3 sections of the review cover 'Company Updates', 'New Registrations' and 'Production'. Specific data for the UK is included.

Autotimes (Stone Cross Publishing, monthly, controlled circulation) [(P) VJ 00-E(34)]
Contains news, details of new products, a 'Technical Talk' section, reports of shows and information relating to such topics as shock absorbers, distribution and marketing/promotions.

CAT: Car & Accessory Trader (Haymarket Autosport and Classic Publications, monthly) [(P) VJ 40 - E(5)]
Includes news, reports of shows, features on particular companies, product information, details of personnel moves and a regular section devoted to statistical and other information for factors.

Classic & Sports Car (Haymarket Autosport and Classic Publications, monthly) [(P) VK 46 - E(16)]
Has articles on particular models (both old and new) and topics such as prices together with interviews with key people. Regular features include news items, 'Lost & Found' covering car restoration, 'What's On', automobilia and garage equipment.

Dealership Management (Emap Automotive, monthly) [(P)VJ 18 - E(4)]
Includes news and articles on such topics as particular companies, financial issues, legislation, internet sales, management, marketing, aftersales and staff matters.

Truck (Reed Business Information. Monthly) [(P) VK 60 - E(9)]
Advertised on the cover as '1st Choice for the Transport Professional' this publication includes news, current issues (the February 2003 number has an article on 'more government cash for roads'), a guide to doing desk work, reports of events and descriptions of particular models. This is also 'the official UK journal of the international truck and van of the year awards'.

Tyre News (Literal Publishing, bi-monthly) [(P) MJ 55 - E(3)]
Covers the UK tyre business and includes news items, personnel changes, 'Diary Dates', reports on particular companies, specialist articles (on 4 x 4 tyres, for example, or the `sale of retreads) and a periodic list of tyre collectors.

Tyre Trade News (Technique Publishing Ltd, monthly) [(P) VJ 57-E(10)]
Billed as 'The No. 1 Magazine for the Tyre Industry' this publication includes news items, features on different types of tyre (e.g. 4x4, high performance and mud/snow), information about particular companies and allied subjects like wheel balancing and tyre storage.

Tyres & Accessories (Tyre Industry Publications, monthly) [(P) VJ 57 - E(2)]
Described on the cover as 'The magazine for the tyre and wheel industries' this publication has regular features on the UK and international tyre markets, company news and product information. Also included are articles on different types of tyre (agricultural, motorcycle and vintage, for example) and such issues as insurance and wheel balancing.

Vehicle Manufacturers' Briefing (ims Publishing, monthly) [(P) VJ 151-E(10)]
Gives news about individual companies including statistical information and details of strategy, plant/investments and new products and technology.

What Car? (What Car?, monthly) [(P) VK 46 - E(1)]
Includes articles on new models, road test reports, features on such issues as car parking, a buyers' guide, information about tax and used car prices (sometimes issued as a separate publication).

Internet Sources:

  • Association of British Drivers
    Has links to current news, information about government policy, articles discussing topics relating to UK roads, local issues throughout Britain and sites describing particular campaigns.
    Advertised as " the internet's largest automotive directory", the site has links to and information about automotive associations/clubs, manufacturers, magazines, events/trade shows and web directories.
  • Auto Industry
    Put together by the DTI Automotive Directorate this site aims to "provide the single definitive point on the web for the auto industry". It includes news, a dictionary of terms used in the trade, links to magazine articles, statistics for world, European and UK car production and a directory of UK based automotive companies which can be searched by product name/service or company name.
  • Automobile Association
    Includes information about AA services, insurance and buying a new car, together with test reports from 1990 on various models.
  • Automotive-Online.Com
    Is divided into sections on "World news", "Data and analysis" and "Vehicle news". "Data and Analysis" has international coverage and includes links to articles on marketing, manufacturing, the aftermarket, systems and e-business, finance, legislation, market data and components. There is also a directory of personnel in the UK industry. "Vehicle news" covers road tests, new model launches, histories of the major manufacturers and UK prices/specifications.
  • Autoparts-Online
    Covers the automotive aftermarket. Includes industry news, details of new products, together with technical and marketing information on a wide range of products. A dealer database is due to be added to the site soon.
  • British Motorcyclists Federation
    Includes press releases, information about rider training, an events listing, racing news, a list of member-clubs, details of corporate members arranged by activity and a section for BMF representatives.
  • Department of Transport
    Includes links to consultation papers, circulars, information relating to the roads programme, vehicle regulations, documents discussing road safety and codes of practice covering street works.
  • International Automotive Technicians' Network
    Includes an international directory of automotive repair shops which is searchable by city or company. There is also a worldwide directory of members. There is an exchange of technical knowledge and information between members from around the globe.
  • International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA)
    Subscribers can download papers from leading autotechnology conferences. The site also includes information about emissions, recycling and safety, together with job adverts.
  • International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
    Gives details of international motor shows, definitions of terms relating to vehicles, statistics of world car production and information about fuel quality.
  • Motor Industry Research Association
    MIRA is an independent provider of engineering development and services to the worldwide automotive industry. The site has information about MIRA products and services. Details are also given of the Automotive Information Centre, which is part of MIRA, and provides subscription services to industry reports, ejournals, research papers and profiles of over 150 of the world's major vehicle manufacturers and components suppliers.
  • National Motorcycle Council
    This is an umbrella group of the main UK motorcycling organisations and its membership includes manufacturers'/dealers' associations, rider groups and training/safety organisations. The site covers safety issues, legislation, training and secure parking.
  • Retail Motor Industry Federation
    Provides references to articles, statistics relating to the UK retail trade, a list of garage services searchable by area and links to consumer, government and manufacturer web sites.
  • Royal Automobile Club
    Includes advice about buying and caring for a car, reviews of particular models, information about insurance and details of RAC services.

  • Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)
    The aim of SMMT is "to encourage and promote in the United Kingdom and abroad the interests of the motor industry''. Its web site has the latest news of the industry including monthly statistics on new car and CV registration and production. There is also a directory of the UK motor industry which includes suppliers and is searchable by company or product/service. There is, too, an international listing of events connected with the SMMT and a glossary of motor industry acronyms.

  • Tyres-Online
    Provides information on individual tyre manufacturers/dealers, an on-line ordering service, technical information, safety advice, tests on individual products, exhibitions/conferences and retreading materials suppliers.

    Companies Operating in the Sector:

    Car Manufacturers and Foreign Vehicle Distributors:-

    Truck manufacturers:-

    Motorcycle manufacturers:-

    Manufacturers/suppliers/retailers for the vehicle aftermarket:-

    Tyre manufacturers and retailers:-

    Vehicle dealers and providers of automotive services:-