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Spiritual philosopher, educator, minister, performer and writer, along with her husband Errol Strider, founded STRIDER INNERTAINMENT. Through a theatrical modality of humor and insight they have been inspiring audiences with their unique and integrative approach to spiritual transformation for over thirty years.

In addition to her work with STRIDER INNERTAINMENT, Rochelle has been on the board of directors of Creative Spirit Inc., Creative Recovery Inc., and Educare Inc. over a span of twenty-eight years. Each of these non-profit institutions produced workshops, seminars, performances pieces and continuous meetings for the purpose of educating and ministering to audiences and religious congregations.

As a spiritual philosopher, minister and writer she studies human behavior and reports how we as humans grow spiritually, noting the obstacles we create and the solutions we find to grow and become more mature and inclusive. She ministers to individuals and groups on her observations for the transformation and evolution of humanity.

As an educator she has taught countless classes across the United States and Europe. She has taught acting for actors and acting as a metaphor for spiritual growth. She continues to teach the integration of mind body and spirit using acting tools to enlighten and inspire her students.

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim is also the Executive Director of Integrative Spirituality. He brings an extensive 30-year background in day-to-day technology and business operations across profit and non-profit sectors to his work at IS. He is responsible as Executive Director for all operational aspects of Integrative Spirituality's facilitating ministry, web operations and marketing.

Since 1983 as a major part of his life�s omni-denominational spiritual passion, Lawrence has been continuously studying, experiencing and being committed to the forwarding the healthy and effective aspects of personal direct spiritual experience of Divinity found within the world�s great eastern and western mystical traditions. In addition to his administrative duties, Lawrence also helps crearte online courses, teaches local courses and performs all of the ministerial functions of our other spiritual facilitators.

For 13 years Lawrence was the managing director of FACTNet, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that is the largest advocate and resource on the Internet for information that helps victims of destructive cults. Lawrence had the good fortune to be personally mentored by Dr. Margaret Singer (Professor Emeritus UC Berkeley) for over 20 years on the psychology, tactics and recovery from the abuses of mind control and destructive cults. (Dr. Singer was the world�s leading and most publicly recognized authority on mind control, destructive religious practices and destructive cults before her recent passing.)

In addition to his role as a director at IS and his involvement with FACTNet, Lawrence is the founder and managing director of HealthKeeper Inc., a software company specializing in assisting dieters and diabetics.

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