Man looks on the outward appearence, but the Lord looks on the heart.

—1 Samuel 16:7

TGI Mormons Transgendered & Intersexed Mormons

This group is for people who are Mormon (LDS) affiliated or come from a Mormon background and deal with issues relating to transgendered and intersexed individuals.
Growing Up Queer in Kanab: Kourt Osborn
  Short Film Explores Transgender Issues
Mormon Mogul Larry H. Miller Accused of Censoring Transgender-themed Movie
Jennifer Lee Jackson: Returned missionary, former Sandy City councilman, and transgender activist.
Read story in the Salt Lake Metro
Carrying a banner that reads, "All Citizens Should Have the Same Legal and Basic Rights," Aere Greenway, a transgendered Mormon from Salt Lake City, walks in a Pride celebration in Salt Lake City.   Enlarge picture

Affirmation Contact

Rebecca Nay is Affirmation's contact for transgender issues.


Helping Affirmation Members Understand Our TGI Brothers and Sisters, by Rebecca Nay

Should We Change the Name of Our Organization?

Mommy, Are We There Yet?

“Accidents of Nature”? Mormon Doctrine and Transsexuality Historical information about transgender Mormons gathered by Connell O'Donovan

Intersex Issues

Tia Owen Speaks to Social Workers

Intersexes in Humans: An Introductory Exploration   A 1979 article by BYU professor Duane E. Jeffery

The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)

The Intersex Society of Utah

Utah Organizations

Transgender Education Advocates of Utah

Engendered Species

National Organizations

Gender Public Advocacy Coalition

Gender Education & Advocacy

It's Time, America!

Transgender Law & Policy Institute

TransFaith Transgender Christians

Transgender Health

Transgender Health by

Transgendering Faith

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