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There are no differences with Preity: Rani
Subhash K. Jha  [Sunday, March 12, 2006]
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Mumbai, March 12 (IANS) Rani Mukerji has rubbished rumours of differences with Preity Zinta, her "Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna" co-star.

"Preity is a lovely co-star. All our films together have worked. She keeps joking that she'll put me in her wedding picture to ensure her marriage would be a super hit," says Rani, who co-starred earlier with Preity in "Veer-Zaara".

"People just want to create differences between us. Why should two actresses always have problems between them? I've never had any problems with any of my co-stars," Rani told IANS in an interview.

"When Ness Wadia (Preity's boyfriend) came to New York he was bewildered about the rumours that Preity and I don't get along. We were so comfortable together. We aren't kids to be fighting. And with Karan Johar being the most affable director around there can be no ill will on the sets (of 'Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna').

"So I don't know why people in Mumbai were spreading rumours of fights in New York. For the first time, Karan has ventured into a film without his dad Yash Johar. The least people can do is to not stress him out with all these rumours."

Rani loved her long stint in New York.

"I enjoyed being away from Mumbai. I'd shoot, then crash out in the hotel. I went for long walks, shopping, to church... I loved being by myself. I was the only actor who was in New York for the entire three months while other members of the cast came and went."

With superstar Amitabh Bachchan now in better health and planning to resume work, Rani hopes her two films with him will get completed.

Apart from Karan Johar's film, which also stars Amitabh, she is working in Ravi Chopra's "Babul" with him.

"Both have Amit Uncle and me in the lead," said the winner of the Filmfare and Zee best actress awards for "Black".

Amitabh, who was out of action for three months following an abdominal surgery, announced earlier this month that he would get back to shooting after March 20.

Rani has bought a new house for herself in Juhu. "It will take at least a year to be completed," she said.

About the awards, why does Rani always wear a sari to them?

"For some reason I'm very comfortable in them. Everyone says I should not dress up like that. But my fans on the e-mail seem to love my saris. So why shouldn't I?"

Rani had a ball shooting with Preity for Karan Johar's film. "I think to a large extent, even 'Kabhia Alvidaa Na Kehna' is in some ways a woman-centric film. I think women in the audience would have no trouble relating to my and Preity's character in the film."

In the meanwhile, Rani isn't the least inclined to sign anything new.

"There're lots of roles, yes. But nothing that excites me. They're all woman-oriented roles. But not exciting enough to sign another film. I think 'Saathiya' taught me to choose wisely," she chuckles. "Now I put my heart and soul into every role I do. Post-'Black', people's expectations are scary."

Back home, Rani is looking forward to being an aunt. "My bhaiyya and bhabhi are expecting their first child. And that's the biggest excitement in my life right now. I'm dying for the baby to come... Till I don't have my own I'll pamper my brother's baby."

Love is not around the corner for Rani. "I just hope when it happens it doesn't hamper my work. Right now I'm too much into my working space. I get so passionate about anything I do, I don't know how I can balance a personal with a professional life.

"I'm very happy with life. Last year my dad was unwell. That has passed. This year, the entire family is looking forward to the baby's birth. I suspect I'll be a slave to the baby. The family will finally stop babying me."

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