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Wednesday 08 June 2005, 11pm
By Harry Greenberg

Wedding Dinner at Ardoch

Grandfather Harry Greenberg's story tells of Virgil Cameron and Julie Aares' wedding dinner held at Harry's home in East Saint Kilda, Melbourne on 29 May 2005.

Julie and Virgil celebrated their wedding together with their Australian family and friends, and are looking forward to celebrating their marriage again, with their Norwegian family and friends in Oslo, later this year.

Saturday 28 May 2005
Venue: Grandfather Harry Greenberg's home, Ardoch, East St Kilda

(Photo: Yukima Cameron)

The day before the wedding, the lovely Norwegian bride Julie Aares, the groom Virgil Cameron and his younger brother Felix, arrived at 1pm with the station wagon loaded with trestle tables, fragrant flowers, cutlery, crockery, and candles. The next four hours were invested (while I was on my back resting a leg still playing up after surgery a couple of months ago) working swiftly and silently with expert efficiency successfully setting up the dining room to completion including festive red and white damask tablecloths.

Much time was taken in deftly directing a large dining table and smaller trestle tables into the preferred position for the 27 chairs to be perfectly placed. Only when the Supervising CEO, Julie, was satisfied with the artistically-arranged serviettes in the glistening glasses did the great team leave at 5pm.

Sunday 29 May 2005 (the wedding day)

Late afternoon...

The happy bridal couple arrived at Ardoch late afternoon resplendent in the sparkling antique vintage Mini panel van generously loaned by Felix for the special occasion.

They immediately walked to the swimming pool site to stand next to the Jacaranda tree planted as a memorial for grandmother Boba Greenberg on 31 May 2004 -- by an incredible coincidence 365 days earlier (see previous article).

(Photo: Julius Canteri)

Soon after, more Camerons and friends arrived, arms bulging with succulent savouries professionally prepared by Angelica, supreme shredded salads by Lee, two varieties of luscious lasagne cleverly conjured up by Yukima, and a vast variety of delectable desserts by a number of competent cooks including a perfectly delicious pavlova -- a favourite famous Australian dessert -- by one lovely Norwegian lass, Wenche.

When the family and close friends had all arrived, and Angelica's hot savouries had all been enjoyed in the lounge room, it was time to be seated... with David flying backwards and forwards from the table to the kitchen sink -- doing a 101% job as usual -- and Lee, Maria and Angelica taking orders and serving.

(Photo: Yukima Cameron)

In no time at all, the bridegroom, bride, grandfather Harry, and father David all said a few words, after which the couple carefully cut the chocolate wedding cake, made by aunty Jo Berg and three of her grandchildren and decorated with Norwegian fir trees (an old Norwegian cultural tradition discovered by Jo courtesy of a Google search).

After coffee and conversation in the lounge (punctuated by happy laughter), pretty soon it was 12 o'clock and the family, sensitive to Grandfather Harry's age and limitations, left him extremely proud of his family's excellent presentation and most appreciative of the efforts of all those present.

It had been a wonderful Australian wedding for Julie and Virgil.



Reader Comments about this page
8:11AM 9-Jun-05: zayda: FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC!! especially PHOTOS

12:32PM 10-Jun-05: Seiki Payne: Congratulations Julie and Virgil!! Sorry I couldn't be there, but sounds like there was plenty of cheer there nonetheless. All the very best for your married life together and I wish you every happiness. Love Seiki

10:35PM 10-Jul-05: Hanne og Henriette: Hei dere to søtinger!Nå har vi sittet og sett på bilder av dere. Det er veldig gøy å legge inn en hisen på norsk, for da skjønner ingen andre hva vi skriver. (Unntatt Solveig og Finn og kanskje Virgil!!)Hanne vil at Virgil skal synge "Hurra for deg" for Henriette den 3. desember. Det var en slager. Ha en god ferie. Vi gleder oss til å se dere igjen. Her i Oslo er det 30 grader. Derfor må vi gå og kjøle oss ned i Bånntjern. Hilsen Kvash og Vetle Vettafjollen på Vettakollen

8:52PM 5-Feb-06: emma halcombe: Dear virgil, congratulations to you and Julie. I love checking your website for Cameron family news and the photos of your wedding are beautiful. All the best for your future together. Love to Lee, David, John, Felix, Maria, Angelica & especially Marce. xx Emma

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