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Wednesday 08 June 2005, 11pm
By Barbara and Don Cameron

A Special Sunday Breakfast

Grandparents Barbara and Don Cameron tell their story of the wedding celebration of Virgil Cameron and Julie Aares, held on 29 May 2005 in Melbourne, Australia.

Julie and Virgil celebrated their wedding together with their Australian family and friends, and are looking forward to celebrating their marriage again, with their Norwegian family and friends in Oslo, later this year.

Sunday 29 May 2005

Venue: Don and Barbara Cameron's North Warrandyte Home

"We'd like to have just a usual Sunday breakfast," Julie and Virgil said, when they told us that they planned to get married and would love to have it happen in Warrandyte.

At 9am on Sunday morning, 29 May 2005, Yukima and Angelica stood at the door with arms full of flowers and greenery. They decorated the breakfast table, the room and the ramp and put up a leafy arch with red berries and hakea flowers.

(Photo: John Cameron)

(Photo: John Cameron)

(Photo: Felix Cameron)

Soon everybody arrived. The excitement rose when the little, white Mini, with white ribbons on the bonnet, appeared on the drive.

Julie, radiant in a lovely, white dress and a pretty red cardigan, and Virgil, in a white, open-necked shirt and a wide smile, walked up the steps together. They were greeted with cheers and hugs and stood under the green arch happily smiling as the cameras clicked away.

Two wedge-tailed eagles appeared, gliding on the thermals and soaring into the sky.

After breakfast with croissants and coffee was over, Sandra, the Celebrant, arrived. We walked to the Park, climbed over the fence and went through the bush to the grassy hill where kangaroos graze at dusk, echidnas dig for ants and wombats leave their marks, and where the view opens on the distant hills all around.

The arch was held over Julie and Virgil by Lee and David, whilst Sandra conducted a friendly, short Wedding Ceremony.

Upon our return, Angelica's delicious savoury pastries, Janine's plates of nibbles and greenery and a bit of bread and cheese with a glass of juice or wine stilled our appetites. A carrot wedding cake, made by Julie and Virgil's neighbour Cindy, and a chocolate birthday cake for Don (who shared his birthday with Virgil and Julie's wedding day), satisfied any lingering hunger.

The sound of guitars, violin, cello and drum filled the air and the voices joined in for some of the long-loved songs.

As they were leaving for Ardoch, the sun came out from behind the clouds to crown this very happy and special day for Julie and Virgil.



Reader Comments about this page
8:07AM 9-Jun-05: zayda: FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC!! especially PHOTOS...

1:30PM 10-Jun-05: zahra: !!! CONGRATULATIONS virgil and julie! wow, such wonderful, wonderful news to come upon on this visit to your website. much marital bliss and beautiful memories together! :) HUGS.

2:13PM 10-Jun-05: Maria Cameron: It was such a special day, and so beautifully recounted here by Don and Barbara! How nice you two are now contributors to VD!

2:29PM 10-Jun-05: Catherine: Congratulations guys! Hope you have a great time in Europe. All the best to you both.

2:41PM 18-Jun-05: Miss Rachel: I wish you both the best! May the love between you grow infinitely!

12:24AM 28-Jun-05: Bruno Fiala: Really great news! The Fiala-family from Vienna wish you all the best, Julie & Virgil!!!

9:21AM 4-Aug-05: Lily: Congratulatons Virgil and Julie! May your life together be as beautiful as you both are!

5:37AM 5-Oct-05: Solveig Aares: Now, on October 4th, after the "2nd" wedding in Norway, I have time to read more on Virgil's Diary. Now I found the lovely description/letter written by Barbra about your wedding day in May. On October 1st we had the Norwegian celebration with 15 guests for lunch. Later in the afternoon Virgil and Julie had invited more friends for coffee and cakes, fruit and snacks so we were 33 alltogether. (Including a baby). Julie and Virgil made a show of pictures from the Australian wedding (on the TV screen) and translated the letter from Barbra while showing the pictures for the guests. I think the guests found it very interesting and amusing to watch!! After the Nowegian celebration the young couple seemed so happy and satisfied. It was, however, exiting the last days in advance -if we would manage to fullfil the celebration, because first Julie and then Virgil had a very bad cold - which included doctor visits + medicines twice for both of them.But they managed. Now we hope to distribute some pictures from the Norwegian "ceremony" so you can see the lovely couple once more. We enjoyed the day all of us Best greeting from Solveig and Finn.

7:18AM 5-Oct-05: Harry Greenberg: Thank you Solvieg so much for the news of the thoughts were with you all weekend and I eagerly await to you all Zayda

1:14PM 5-Jan-06: Erika : Hi!Virgil!! This is Erika, your class mate from Oslo. It just crosed my mind and visited your site, and, guess what!?, I saw you got merried!! Wow!!What a surprise!! Congratulations to both you and your wife!! Wish all the best to you two!! And of course, Happy New Year to every one!!

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