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Billy Kidman Talks About Divorcing From Torrie Wilson, Working Against Hogan, His New Gimmick, Sleeping With Married Women And More

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By Errol Leigh Farrell, Warned.net senior writer

Monday, February 26, 2007


Former WWE and WCW star Billy Kidman was a live in-studio guest on Carnage Bloodsport Banter (on Sunday night 2/25) which airs live every Sunday night at 11PM ET on AudioWrestling.com, Showdown.net, LVRocks.com and CarnageTalk.com

You can check out archived versions of the show now on AudioWrestling.com and CarnageTalk.com and make sure you call into the Carnage Chaos line (866)539-9507 and pre-record a question for Trish Stratus who will be a guest on the show in the weeks to come! Please check out the Carnage forum for more info and to post your questions for her and other stars coming to AudioWrestling.com including Dixie Carter (2/28), Alex Wright (2/28), Mick Foley (3/7) and Kurt Angle (3/11):

Kidman was in town (Las Vegas) for an indy event and starts the interview by talking about having fun spending time in Vegas.

He is going through a rough time now with his divorce from Torrie Wilson. Kidman went into more details of his current relationship with Torrie saying they still talk and that Torrie's travel was one of the problems that led to the split. While a divorce is in the works it has not yet been finalized.

Kidman announced he will be working for 3 weeks in Japan coming up in April.

Kidman said one of his biggest moments in wrestling was when Bret Hart came up to him after a match in WCW vs. Eddie Guerrero and said that Kidman was a credit to the business.

Kidman still marks out during some of Hogan's entrances although he said once he was in the ring with Hogan it didn't feel different from working against a typical opponent.

Kidman announced he is now working on some shows under a mask in a gimmick that is similar to Hayabusa with his hair extending though a hole at the top of the mask.

In WCW, Kidman got to work more matches than he was supposed to on WCW TV because Kidman claimed Raven, on nights he wasn't in the mood to wrestle, would talk the writers into giving Kidman his in-ring slot. This was back during the Raven's Flock era in WCW.

After Kidman was released from WWE, he claims he was not in the mood to work many indy dates so he purposely overpriced himself to promoters. Kidman now wants the work so his price has come back down to a fair price.

Kidman said he has been backstage at TNA to say hi to some friends. While Kidman has not talked business with anyone from TNA yet, he said he would like to work there because they have a great schedule.

Before the interview was over, Kidman was asked to share his favorite road story. Although we cannot go into detail in this news post, you can hear for yourself how Kidman talked about sleeping with two married women (at the same time) that he met during the intermission of a wrestling show.

This show is now archived on AudioWrestling.com and CarnageTalk.com

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