WWF Smackdown Results
    Submitted by Big Calbowski on Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 10:18 PM EST

    WWF Smackdown Results 10/18/01
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    We're shown a recap of the main event on Raw.

    Kurt Angle faces RVD in a non-title match tonight. Also Undertaker and Kane will take on Booker T and Test.

    Y2J countdown. Come on. You know I gotcha. Yeah. One. Break the wall down!!!! Enter Chris Jericho.

    Jericho is walking around the ring. You know, after the last couple weeks, he's heard a lot of unflattering things about himself. He's heard that he's a choke artist. He's heard that he is bad under pressure. He's heard he can't win the big one. All those people were absolutely right. He's been in the WWF for over 2 years now and he's never been WWF champion. He was in WCW for a lot longer and he never got a shot. To all those people that said that he would never be a main event player, he would tell them to kiss his ass.

    Here comes trouble. Not gonna listen to anybody. Enter Stephanie. Stephanie asks Jericho to please shut the hell up. He's got another one. She walks into the ring. Welcome to Smackdown is Stephanie. She says this whole interrupting thing is really kinda fun. These fans are interrupting her and they're having fun. It must be why Jericho likes to interrupt her over and over and over again. But he must be use to repetition cause he continues to lose every match. It was a real hard decision on who to root for on Sunday so she chose the lesser of two evils. She hopes The Rock cleans his clock. She knows they never got along, but he would come out and thank her publicly for her support.

    If ya smellllll...what The Rock...is cookin. Out comes The Rock. The Rock enters the ring. Finally, The Rock has come back to Montreal. Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie.

    Stephanie says yes.

    The Rock says she is looking quite gigantic. If she thinks for one solitary second,...

    Stephanie stops him. She says that he doesn't want to take his frustrations out on her. He should be mad at Chris Jericho. He sat at the commentator's table while Rhyno and RVD gave him a beating. It's not the first time though. When Jericho first appeared in the WWF, he was against him too. Stephanie asks for some footage. We're shown Chris Jericho's debut in the WWF. Jericho has always been jealous of him. It's his dream to be in the ring with him for a match. He can not trust that man. Jericho will screw him the first chance he gets.

    The Rock appreciates her concern. If anyone knows anything about screwing, it's Stephanie.

    Jericho said it surprises him that she wouldn't cheer for him cause you can't spell Jericho without h-o.

    The Rock says that he wants her support. He wants as much support as that push up bra. He would be unstoppable.

    Stephanie cries that she hates them and runs out crying.

    Jericho says to clean her mammaries. He asks if Rock has anything to say to him.

    Rock asks what?

    Jericho says that he gave him the Rock Bottom on Raw.

    Rock told Jericho not to get in his way, but he failed like always.

    Jericho says he got in his way so he could save his title.

    The Rock says that he saved Jericho's ass when he was getting beat down by the Alliance.

    Jericho says rather than saving his ass, The Rock better worry about his ass on Sunday.

    Rock asks if he should be worried. He says with people talking about how Jericho can't win the big one is because he's not that good.

    Jericho says after Sunday, he will never...

    Rock says he will never ever see the WCW title again. Is that the line?

    Jericho holds up his hand to Rock's face.

    Rock moves to the side.

    Jericho puts his hand in front of Rock's face again and does the Just Bring It gesture.

    Rock gives Jericho the Rock Bottom.

    The Alliance is in the back celebrating. Austin walks in. Austin holds up a bottle of champagne. He says don't drink up all the beer and champagne and save it for RVD. Debra made some cookies. Austin says after what RVD did on Monday, he shows he is on his size. They will celebrate him. Tazz says that if RVD hits that Five Star Frog Splash on Kurt Angle, he'll be the new WWF champion. Austin calls him a party pooper and tells him to leave. Tazz leaves. The Alliance is chanting RVD.

    Lugz Boot Of The Week is the Hurricane and Mighty Molly destroying the APA office.

    A limo pulls into the arena.

    Stand back. There's a Hurricane coming through. Enter The Hurricane, Mighty Molly, and Lance Storm accompanied by Ivory.

    Here comes the Hardy Boyz and Lita.

    6 Person Tag Match
    Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. Lance Storm, The Hurricane, and Mighty Molly

    Jeff and Storm start. Grapple. Storm winds up Jeff. Jeff with a headscissor take over. Jeff leg drops between the legs. Tag to Matt. Poetry in Motion to Storm. Matt slams Storm's face into the turnbuckle. Side Russian leg sweep by Matt. Matt with right hands. Storm with a fireman's carry. Hurricane comes in with a neckbreaker. Hurricane with a suplex and poses. Hurricane misses a leg drop. Matt with a sunset flip. Hurricane poses and pounds Matt over the head. Matt with a sunset flip. Cover. 2 count. Hurricane knocks down Matt and punches Jeff down. Molly with a forward roll grabbing Matt's head. Hurricane with a back breaker. Molly mule kicks Matt. Hurricane with a neckbreaker. Cover. Jeff breaks it up. Molly with a clothesline off the top to Matt. Jeff jumps Storm on the outside. Matt with a floating clothesline. Tag to Molly. Tag to Lita. Lita with right hands. Lita with a clothesline. Lita with a drop kick. Lita with a tilt a whirl. Cover. Storm pulls her off. Hurricane and Storm try to suplex her. Jeff and Matt catch her. Hurricane and Storm get suplexed. Lita goes for a Twist of Fate on Hurricane while Jeff goes up top. Ivory runs in the ring and clotheslines her. Jeff gets crotched on the top. Hurricane hits Jeff with the Eye of the Hurricane. Hurricane makes the cover and gets the win.
    Winners: Lance Storm, The Hurricane, and Mighty Molly

    The APA are shown with the Hurricycle. Bradshaw says they need a ride to No Mercy. Faarooq wants to drive it. Bradshaw says Faarooq is too drunk so he'll drive. He knows a few beer places and naked places. Faarooq says damn. The two drive off on the Hurricycle.

    The Alliance is shown in the back at the party for RVD. Austin says shut up and tells a story about gold medals and what happened with Kurt Angle the whole way. Stephanie says that Commissioner Regal has an announcement to make. Regal says he's got it on good authority that RVD will be there soon and announces the newest member of the Alliance is Christian. Christian says it's nice to be somewhere where the champions are appreciated. Austin says he should reach for the stars and he'll be a big star some day. Christian says he can't wait.

    The limo is shown again. The door opens and just closes.

    We're back and the limo is shown again.

    We get a heartbeat. We get a flatliner. Enter Tazz. We're shown a recap of the closing moments of the Maven vs. Tazz match on Smackdown last week.

    Here comes Maven accompanied to the ring by Nidia.

    Maven vs. Tazz
    Tazz with forearms across the back. Back body drop by Tazz. Tazz with kicks to the chest in the corner. Tazz with slaps to the chest. Tazz slams Maven's face on the ground. Tazz runs into a boot. Tazz with a clothesline. Tazz sits on Maven's back and gives him shots to the side of the head. Tazz with the cover. Tazz gets Maven up. Tazz with right hands to the face. Tazz slaps Maven on the back of the head. Tazz holds the abdomen and a suplex. Tazz with a cobra clutch suplex. Tazz with a under leg suplex. Cover. Nidia pulls Tazz off. Tazz walks towards Nidia. Maven with a small package and gets the victory.
    Winner: Maven

    Maven gets out of the ring. Tazz is upset. Maven and Nidia celebrate at the stage.

    We're shown footage of Kurt Angle's week promoting his book.

    The limo is shown again. The door opens. RVD climbs out and he says he enjoyed meeting with him. He says he's alright. RVD walks into the arena.

    We're shown a recap of the events with Chris Jericho and The Rock on Raw.

    Mick Foley is in his office with a stuffed dog. Lillian Garcia comes in. She says good luck with his office. Lillian asks why he made a match with Rock and Jericho as a team. Mick says that he has a master's degree in psychology. Not really. He did once stand in a Holiday Express line in Montreal. He says they need to learn to respect each other before they wrestle each other just like Mick and The Rock did a few years back. He talks about the stuff they've done. Mick says that Big Show and Tajiri will face the Dudleyz on Sunday for the tag titles.

    The Alliance is in the locker room partying. Test and Booker T have to go because they have a match with Undertaker and Kane. RVD comes in. Austin gives him a hug. Austin says he's got a big match tonight with Kurt Angle. RVD thanks him. Austin says he'll be his biggest supporter tonight. Austin takes off his watch and says he doesn't give a lot of presents away. He gives RVD the watch. He says the watch is saying that it's time for RVD to be a big famous star. RVD takes the watch and thanks him. Austin says he wants him to whip Kurt's ass tonight. Austin gets an RVD chant going in the locker room.

    The limo is shown again.

    Boom. Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. Out comes Undertaker and Kane.

    Test, test, this is a test. Out comes Test.

    Can you dig it sucka? Here comes Booker T.

    Undertaker and Kane go right after Booker T and Test. Kane and Booker T go at it while Taker and Test go at it. Kane sends Booker T in the ring.

    Undertaker and Kane vs. Test and Booker T
    Booker T with shots to the back. Tag to Test. Double team on Kane. Kane with a double clothesline. Kane clotheslines Test. Kane with right hands to Test in the corner. Kane with an uppercut. Kane with a hip toss. Kane clotheslines Test in the corner. Kane with a kick. Kane with a hangman's neck breaker. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Taker. Taker with shots to the gut. Taker with back elbows. Taker with more back elbows to the jaw. Taker runs into a back elbow. Test with a clothesline. Tag to Booker T. Double team on Taker. Double clothesline by Booker T and Test. Booker T with kicks to the back. Booker T with shots to the shoulder. Booker T with right hands. Taker comes back with right hands. Taker ducks a clothesline and hits a flying clothesline. Taker winds up the arm. Taker lifts Booker T in the air by the arm and drops him. Taker winds him up and Booker T rolls over. Taker winds up the arm again and walks the tight rope. Taker with a forearm across the back. Cover. Test breaks it up. Tag to Kane. Kane with a kick to the gut. Kane with right hands. Kane slams Booker T's face on the corner. Kane with a power slam. Kane punches Test off the apron. Kane misses an elbow on Booker T. Booker T with a spin kick. Tag to Test. Kane gets up. Kane boots Test. Kane catches Test with a power slam. Cover. 2 count. Kane with a right hand. Booker T kicks Kane in the back. Knae knocks him down. Kane with right hands to Test. Kane with a sidewalk slam to Test. Kane goes up top. Booker T tries to get up. Kane pushes Booker T off. Kane tries a flying clothesline. Test catches him with a clothesline. Test with right hands. Tag to Booker T. Booker T winds up Kane and hits a side kick. Cover. Taker breaks it up. Tag to Test. Test with right hands. Test slams Kane's face in the corner. Test kicks down Kane. Kane comes back with right hands. Kane with more right hands. Kane runs into a back elbow. Test with a swinging neck breaker. Test goes up top. Taker grabs Test's leg and crotches him. Kane goes to the middle rope. Kane with a superplex. Tag to Booker T. Tag to Taker. Taker with right hands knocking down Booker T. Taker knocks down Test. Taker clotheslines Booker T in the corner. Same to Test. Sidewalk slam to Booker T. Clothesline to Test. DDT to Booker T. Taker holds his hand up. Test with a clothesline. Kane clotheslines Test out of the ring. Booker T clotheslines Kane out of the ring. Test throws Kane into the steps. Booker T with a kick to the face of Taker. Cover. 2 count. Taker grabs Booker T's throat. Chokeslam by Taker. Cover. Test breaks it up. Taker ducks a big boot. Taker grabs Test by the throat and hits a chokeslam. Booker T brings a chair in the ring. Taker boots him. Taker signals the Last Ride. Taker gets Booker T up for the Last Ride. Test boots Taker. Booker T with the cover and the victory.
    Winners: Booker T and Test

    The limo is shown again. The chauffeur gets out and opens the door of the limo. Vince McMahon climbs out of the limo. The chauffeur helps Vince put his jacket on. Vince walks into the arena.

    We're shown footage of Vince getting out of the limo.

    Austin is shown angry in the locker room staring at RVD as the whole Alliance watches. What? That's what you got to say. Did you just get out of a car with Vince McMahon? What? What in the hell were you doing in a car with Vince McMahon? RVD says they were just talking. Austin asks what were they talking about. RVD said they talked about reaching for the stars. Austin says he probably said he should be a champion. RVD says that he's heard Vince was a bad guy, but not that bad. Austin says what? RVD says that Vince will see him Sunday. Austin says he wants his watch back. Austin says the watch says it's time for RVD to make a decision. He says that on Sunday, he is either with him or against him. RVD says cool. He says it's a given, when you're RVD, it's always cool. Austin says he thinks he should leave. RVD says ok. Austin says thank you. RVD says thank you and leaves.

    Slam of the Week was Big Show defeating the Dudleyz on Raw with help from Tajiri.

    Bombs away. Enter D-Von Dudley accompanied by Bubba Ray Dudley and Stacy Keibler.

    Here comes Tajiri accompanied by the Big Show.

    Tajiri vs. D-Von Dudley
    D-Von goes right to work with right hands. D-Von with chops. D-Von with right hands. D-Von with knees. Tajjiri jumps onto the apron and kicks D-Von in the side. Tajiri with a missile drop kick. Cover. 2 count. Tajiri with a hurricanrana. Tjairi with a spinning heel kick. Bubba Ray grabs Tajiri and pulls him to the outside. Big Show chases Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray holds Stacy in front of him. D-Von chokes Tajiri. D-Von with a leg drop. Cover. 2 count. D-Von sends Tajiri to the outside. Bubba Ray with slaps to the chest on the outside and sends Tajiri back in the ring. D-Von with a body slam. D-Von to the middle rope. D-Von misses a head butt. Tajiri with slaps to the chest. Tajiri with a stiff side kick to the jaw. Tajiri with a spring board back elbow. Tajiri drop kicks a kneeling D-Von. Cover. 2 count. Tajiri with kicks to the gut. Tarantula by Tajiri. Tajiri misses a kick to the face. Stacy has the referee distracted. Bubba Ray gets in the ring. 3D to Tajiri. Big Show climbs on the apron and chokeslams D-Von while the ref admonishes Bubba Ray. Cover by Tajiri for the victory.
    Winner: Tajiri

    Big Show helps him out of the arena. Bubba Ray attacks Big Show on the ramp. Torrie runs out from the side of the ramp. Torrie gets in the ring and knocks down Stacy. Torrie pulls down Stacy's shorts. Torrie leaves and helps Tajiri leave.

    We're shown a recap of Linda McMahon presenting the $1 million check to Rudy Giuliani.

    Chris Jericho is shown walking to the ring.

    The Rock is shown walking to the ring.

    Shane is screaming at Regal wondering why Vince is here. Shane says that he's screwed up the plans. Regal says the good will always prevail. He and his sister have run their father out of the company before and they can do it again. Shane says he has to take him out.

    Y2J countdown. Come on. You know I gotcha. Yeah. One. Break the wall down!!! Out comes Chris Jericho. We're shown a recap of the events involving The Rock and Jericho earlier in the night.

    If ya smelllll...what The Rock...is cookin. Out comes The Rock.

    The ref tries to hold back Jericho.

    Awk. Awk. Awk. Awk. Out comes Raven and Justin Credible accompanied by Terri.

    The Rock and Chris Jericho vs. Raven and Justin Credible
    Rock and Jericho are arguing. Jericho and Rock roll around on the floor battling. Raven and Credible send Jericho out of the ring. Raven and Credible stomp down The Rock. Jericho brings a chair in the ring. Jericho smashes Raven with the chair. Jericho smashes Credible with the chair. Jericho smashes The Rock with the chair. Jericho stands over The Rock. Jericho takes off his elbow pad. Jericho does a People's Elbow on The Rock. Jericho leaves.
    Winners: No contest

    We're shown a recap of the preceeding events involving Rock and Jericho.

    We're shown a recap of Christian defecting to the Alliance after fooling Edge on Raw.

    Edge is shown sitting around somewhere. Coach walks in and asks how he's feeling. Edge says that as of Monday night, he no longer can feel bad about beating the hell out of Christian on Sunday. He says that after Monday night, he no longer has a brother. He used his mother in an accident excuse so that he and his goons could jump him. He says Christian is gonna have an accident tonight. Edge picks up a chair and leaves.

    Edge walks into Stephanie's locker room looking for Christian. Edge gets surrounded by Hugh Morris, Chuck Palumbo, and Chris Kanyon. Christian comes in and says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Edge knocks down Morris, Kanyon, and Palumbo. Edge spears Christian. Morris, Palumbo, and Kanyon hold Edge for Christian. Christian smashes him with the chair. Christian says wait till he feels the ladders on Sunday. He says to tell mom he said hi.

    Burn of the Week are the closing moments of the main event on Raw.

    Here comes Rob Van Dam.

    Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle.

    Non title match
    Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

    Kurt spears RVD. Kurt with a take down. RVD slides out of the ring. Kurt goes after him. Kurt with right hands. Kurt smashes RVD's face on the announce table. RVD sends Kurt into the steps. RVD with right hands. RVD suplexes Kurt onto the barricade. RVD goes to the apron. Kurt throws him into the barricade. Kurt throws RVD back in the ring. Kurt with right hands. Kurt with chops. RVD somersaults over Kurt. RVD jumps on the middle turnbuckle and crossbodies Kurt. Cover. 2 count. German suplex by Kurt. 2 count. Kurt attempts an Olympic Slam. RVD jumps down. RVD with a spin kick. RVD with lefts and rights to Kurt's head. RVD kicks Kurt down in the corner. Kurt runs into a back elbow. RVD jumps on the middle turnbuckle and hits a back kick. RVD with a rolling thunder. Cover. Kurt turns it into an inside cradle. 2 count. RVD with right hands to Kurt in the corner. RVD drives his knee into Kurt's throat. Kurt comes back with right hands. RVD shoulder blocks Kurt. Backflip by RVd. Kurt with a knee to the face. RVD with a superkick. Cover. 2 count. RVD with right hands. RVD with a modified camel clutch. RVD with a body scissor and sleeper. Kurt getting up. Kurt on one knee. Kurt with elbows to the gut. RVD misses a spin kick. Kurt with a crossbody. Cover. 2 count. Kurt with right hands. Kurt with a belly to belly. Kurt with another belly to belly. Kurt with an Olympic slam. Kurt with an ankle lock. Austin runs in and goes after Kurt. Stunner to Kurt. Austin beats on Kurt. Austin throws RVD out of the ring. Austin tries to kick Kurt again. Olympic Slam to Austin. RVD goes up top. RVD looks at both of them. RVD hits Austin with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD does his thumbs pointing to himself. Vince McMahon walks out to the stage. Austin and Kurt are staring at Vince from inside the ring. Vince does the Rob Van Dam gesture. Austin is looking at Vince intently.
    Winner: No decision

    End of show.

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