UN Mission in Democrative Republic of Congo (MONUC)




United Nation forces comprising contingents of 29 countries were sent to Congo in 1960 to restore legitimate government, which had been overthrown through a coup d’etat. Pakistan provided logistic support during movement of troops to and from Congo and inland movement to the United Nation troops. Pakistan Army Supply Corps (ASC) organized the whole operation in a meticulous manner. It continued uninterrupted from 1960 to 1964 with four Independent Army Supply Corps companies, each consisting of about 100 personnel. The movement control entailed move through sea, air, rail, riverian and road transport. A systematic organization was created to ensure foolproof administrative arrangements for transportation of troops, weapons, equipment, stores and rations throughout Congo in unfriendly environments. Pakistani troops thus performed the assigned task with professional skill and devotion which earned them applause across the world.



Salients of Mission

Location :

Democratic Republic of Congo

Headquarters :


Duration :

August 2003 - todate


  • Total Strength : 3556

  • One Brigade Group

  • One Battalion Group

  • One Aero Medical Evacuation Team