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Recording of "The Morning Rave" Reveals Contestant Complained of Headache
Written by Deborah Hoffman, Reporter  

Jennifer Strange

An audio recording of the four hour broadcast on "The Morning Rave" obtained by The Sacramento Bee reveals Jennifer Strange complained that she had a headache and felt light-headed, but offered to keep drinking water.

One of the hosts can also be heard talking about the the dangers of water intoxication and discussed the death of a Chico State student who died from drinking too much water in a hazing incident.

In another part of the recording one of the disc jockeys noticed how big Strange's stomach was after the contest, saying she looked "three months pregnant".

Strange, 28, was found dead in her Rancho Cordova home Friday. A preliminary coroner's report indicated her death was consistent with a water intoxication death.

Earlier that morning Strange had taken part in a contest at 107.9 titled "Hold Your Wee for a Nintendo Wii." The contestants drank bottles of water at 15 minute intervals. The last person to go to the bathroom would win a Nintendo gaming system.

The hosts of "The Morning Rave" Lukas, Maney and Trish released this statement Tuesay night:

"At this time we would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of Jennifer Strange. We want to thank all of our listeners for their continued support and we ask that you join us by keeping Jennifer and her family in your thoughts and prayers."

Earlier Tuesay, KDND 107.9 "The End" fired 10 employees, including the three hosts and the program and promotion directors.

"Effective immediately the 'The Morning Rave' program is canceled and 10 employees are no longer with the station," read a statement from the station's general manager John Geary.

"We're going to pull through," a woman who works at the station said. "(The mood) is pretty somber around here. The whole thing is just a tragedy."

Judy Linder, a nurse practitioner, said she was listening to the contest on her way to work on Friday. "I know how dangerous that is so when I got to work I asked if anybody wanted to be on the radio."

Linder said she and another co-worker called the station on speaker phone and were put on the air.
"She (her co-worker) told them it was dangerous and you could die from water intoxication."

Linder says the disc jockey "pretty much blew that off and said, 'Well, they've signed a release.'"

It wasn't until Sunday that Linder heard Strange had died. "I was totally shocked because they (the disc jockeys) had been warned but they should have known better anyway. They should have checked with someone before they did that, you know."

Linder says she wishes she could have done more to prevent Strange's death. "It's just a terrible, terrible thing. I feel terrible."

Strange's husband, William, did not want to comment about the firings but did say he has set up a fund to help with funeral expenses for his wife. Donations to the Jennifer Strange Memorial Fund can be made at any Washington Mutual branch.

Former federal prosecutor Bill Portanova said Strange's family would likely have a solid case against the station. "On the face of it, the radio station has some serious liability exposure," said Portanova.

Portanova said the February 2005 death of a California State University, Chico student may be the station's undoing.

"Every newspaper outlet and radio outlet reported on it repeatedly where a young man at Chico State University drank himself to death with water so it's clear this radio station had some institutional knowledge that that was a possibility," said Portanova.

Portanova said if a lawsuit is filed, the station will likely settle quickly.

Copyright 2007 
. All Rights Reserved.

Created: 1/15/2007 11:44:39 PM
Updated: 1/17/2007 4:11:57 PM

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